Is that a Cannabis plant in my garden?

I saw this plant in my garden I thought looked suspiciously like a Cannabis(marijuana) plant; it had a strong,thick stalk, long,thin leaves with serrated edges and pointed tips….so I did a Google search for more details and info and to compare the leaves with photos of Cannabis,and as it turns out, it’s not afterall; the leaves go up the stalk individually, not in a “hand ” shape.I never did find out what plant(or weed) it is, but think I safely ruled out Cannabis! (I don’t really need the RCMP raiding us,afterall!)I did find wild strawberries growing there the other day, so who knows, esp. with neighbors beside both  us and behind us that DO smoke up; I wondered if maybe if seeds somehow blew over from there,or they maybe even snuck into our yard one night and planted it! That was my little adventure for the day! 🙂

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