The Money-Pit.

Yet something ELSE to go wrong with the “Money-Pit”,also known as our house! After just getting our furnace replaced in May, NOW our ROOF is leaking! We always have a never-ending list of repairs that should be done but that we can’t afford. I said to just put a bucket under the leak to catch the drips and not have to somehow find(or borrow) the $$$ we don’t have, but my hubby said we HAVE to get it fixed, and to just “cut back more”, which is virtually impossible; we aready pinch pennies until they scream; how can we possibly cut back even MORE; take alternate days eating, or what? A curse of bad luck just seems to follow us and everything we have is crap and always goes wrong and breaks but we  don’t have the $$$ to get fixed. I really hate this! When will something ever go RIGHT?

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