“Ketchup” post.

Catching-up on what we’ve been up to lately:

The airshow yesterday was good,and I think it was the military trying to make themselves look more “friendly” and less of a war-machine! We had the Celebrant Singers at church as well visiting from California,and now the 6 year old’s newest “thing” is she’s worried everything’s poison,and the 11 year old said he’d give her 20$ if she said a rude word, so she did but then he refused to pay her, until I told him he had to, so he ended up giving her 5$! The kids also made up “Pimp-cess” is a “pimpin'” princess,and we still don’t have our credit cards yet, but the travel agent got us a 2-week delay in paying for the trip(originally due tomorrow!) but we got our airline details: fly to Miami and take a bus to Ft.Lauderdale where we pick up the ship to the Caribbean!The 2 year old can spell his name now as well and count to 20!Canada Day went well and our business made as much in just that one day as my hubby makes at his other job in 2 weeks!

The “Kid-eating machine!”

I used to have what I called a “Kid-eating machine” I said was in my bedroom closet. You see, I had this closet space under the steps in my room where I kept all the birthday and Christmas presents,and I didn’t want the kids to go in there and peek,so once they found out my secret hiding spot I simply told them a “Kid-eating machine” lives in there to keep them out!! It actually worked,too,and even when the oldest said he really didn’t THINK it was true, he wasn’t quite sure and still didn’t want to take a chance,and when he asked how come it never ate me, I simply replied because I’m an adult and it only eats kids! 🙂

Big Pimpin’!

The 11 year old thinks “Big Pimpin'” is hilarious,and now has dressed himself up in “pimp” duds for a funny dress-up costume, complete with a fuzzy pink and purple hat, “bling”, which incl. big gaudy rings, big chains around his neck(even one with a dollar-sign on it) sunglasses,and a walking stick,and a long purple “king” cape.You have to admit it is pretty funny,and he ended up looking sort of like a white version of Flava Flav!

“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival created at www.mycharmingkids.net  They now have a new logo,too, but I like the old one better, so I’m still sticking with it; ever the rebel! 🙂

I didn’t get seriously bummed-out and have my day ruined when someone I really don’t like came by for a surprise visit….

I didn’t convince the 6 year old to let me pull out her loose tooth, telling her it’s the only way the new one will grow in straight…

I didn’t sigh in exasperation and “roll” my eyes  reading a blog, thinking the author to be somewhat arrogant, bragging,and getting too big for her britches…

I didn’t grab someone else’s toothbrush and use it…

I didn’t pick up the 2 year old’s popsicle out of the sandbox and just wash it off with the hose and give it back to him to eat…

I didn’t tell my hubby instead of getting a repairman in to fix the leaking roof to “just put a bucket under the leak to catch the drip” to save the $$$$…

I wasn’t tempted to glue “googly-eyes” on my Blessed Virgin Mary picture….