But the Pope is an immigrant,too!

I read where the Pope stated there should be a limit on immigration,and this shocked me to say the least; it’s NOT very Christ-like as Jesus told us to have *compassion*, and to welcome the widow, the orphan,and the foreigner! I find a comment like that to be kind of racist,actually, and when you really think about it, isn’t the Pope an immigrant himself? he’s from Germany yet he lives at the Vatican, which is a sub-state of Italy! I thought he would have more compassion for immigrants! I hate to say it, but I have issues with him; he’s too liberal for my taste,and his “thing” about the environment concerns me deeply as well: it’s a slippery slope to idolatry, false religion,and even apostacy as environmentalism is  earth-worship which  is nothing more than pagan nature worship,and it’s wrong to give the earth the devotion due only to God. I agree we must be good stewards of what He gave us, but this whole “Green” thing is going too far and getting way out of hand.It is BECAUSE I am a devout Catholic and care deeply for my Church I have such concerns; I follow God,and not the ways of the world,and to me, not welcoming immigrants with open arms isn’t a very “Christian” thing to do,and neither is the New World Religion of environmentalism,and if even the Pope conflicts with God I’ll follow God! I do admire his pro-life stance,commitment to world peace,and condemning war and greed,but at the same time cannot just over-look these other issues…

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