Look out! Here comes Big Brother!!

Guess what the over-regulating gov’t is tyring to do NOW? Now they are trying to eliminate, or at the very least, limit, aceteminiphen, such as in Tylenol pain/fever products. They say an overdose can cause liver damge…well, duh, ANY overdose of ANYTHING is harmful,and if they’re really so worried, how about liver damage caused by alcohol, or lung cancer caused by smoking? How about ban alcohol and smoking,too?(it sure would save alot of money in health care!) But wait; they’d never do that; they get so much TAX off sin products! Once more, telling us what to do, banning everything left,right,and centre! What will there even be LEFT that they haven’t banned, regulated, or taken control over? Pretty soon they’ll limit the amount of oxygen we can breathe,too, or at least put it on a meter and charge us for how much we consume, all in the name of saving the planet,or what? This has gotten SO ridiculous and gone too far! It’s ironic as well: they consider legalizing MARIJUANA….yet outlawing TYLENOL? If so, I don’t know what I’ll do to try and take the edge off my agonizing headaches, or for the kids when they have fevers…

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