The License Police are coming after you! Beware! The license police are coming for you!! Today someone came to our door asking about a dog license. Of couse we just told them that we don’t have a dog.It’s the principle of the thing: we refuse to waste the money for a dog license that serves no purpose; you get NO service for it; if your dog gets lost they still don’t inform you…so what,exactly, ARE you paying for,then? NOTHING! I have heard they are so zealous they even snoop around your garbage to see if there’s any dogfood cans(our dog has kibble, so we’re safe!) and even inspect your windows for nose prints(no kidding!) or listen  at the door for barking, evidence you have a dog! We just hid Wilson inside for a few hours after that, just to be safe, until they would have safely left the neighbourhood. What if they return and catch us?My hubby said to just tell them it’s not our dog; that we’re just looking after it for friends on vacation.We won’t be bullied into paying for a license,and no Big Brother scare tactics on us! I’m tired of the money- thieveing greedy gov’t always trying to extort money out of us! We refuse to give in to it, and fight it!

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