My Facebook page!

Pogue MahoneI am now on Facebook and have already found  4 old friends(and a possible 5th; I’m not sure if it’s her, but it’s her name  and looks like her!) from grade 8! One I used to have a “crush” on and just found out he’s gay! Now I feel like such a stooge! Another graduated university and now owns her own business.I have to say I was surprised, but I guess with my 11 kids I surprised THEM too and they weren’t expecting it, either! I still have to hear back from 3 of them, but this is exciting; I’ve always wanted to re-connect with old school friends. A couple of years ago I found another friend from grade 8 on and she and her family even came up to visit us! In other news: our 2 year old went PEE in the POTTY today! He’s also sick too(fever) I hope’s NOT the dreaded Swine Flu! Poor little guy!! 2 of the kids get all hives from the pool as well we found out later(from water testing) likely due to the high levels of chlorine we’ve been using to control algae!

Friday Fill-ins.

1. When I heard  the Pope seems so “Left” ,so “Green” and so Liberal _____almost crapped in my pants!_____.

2. Sitting out in the warm sun is the

_____ best medicine.

3. It’s late, but  _most people aren’t reliable,anyway!____

4. _ I will remain faithful to God ____ always.

5. My eyes have seen   more trauma than most people will._____.

6. Hold on to your faith _____ strongly.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to   going to the Ethnic Festival _____, tomorrow my plans include  just relaxing and a movie _____ and Sunday, I want to go to Church _____!Thanx to Janet.