“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on the past week:

This week we went to a local ethnic festival and although the food was good, the vendors were crap: selling tacky,cheap, flea-market rejects! They used to sell good stuff, like peasant blouses and flowing skirts,now it’s just all junk. I also reconnected with old friends on Facebook and was saddened as I ended up being blocked as a friend and cut off when a former friend obviously read this blog and found out my religious views on homosexuality(as it turns out, he’s gay) and although unfortunate, I have to be true to God first.It’s sort of ironic though when you think about it: Christians are always being accused of being narrow-minded and shunning those who are gay….yet I didn’t cut HIM off when I found out he was….HE blocked ME for not condoning it! I’m not just “against” gays, by the way, but against ALL forms of sin and immorality,heterosexual included, just so you know. I also have another of my immobilizing headaches again and so bad I almost barfed,and we STILL haven’t got our new credit card yet ,and the roofer never did get back to us,either…good grief! It is my mother’s 68th birthday today as well!We saw a mouse running in the basement as well, and I uploaded photos today since it’s raining anyway.