Watch out! Big Brother is after you….again!!

New Big Brother alert: I read the local Public Health Unit is becoming even MORE intrusive than they already were before: before, they always made a phone call to new mothers,and pushed home visits.Now, they are expanding it to incl. “family visitors”, people referred from the community to follow-up(and “monitor?”) families in their homes, both DURING pregnancy AND for several months following the birth. Great, that’s what we ALL “need”; nosey Public Health keeping track of our homes and families, seeing or hearing something they don’t like, to report to child welfare!Talk about invasive!! There’s no way I’d ever allow it if I ever DID have another baby; before they’d call pushing visits and we just refused. I also read an article saying the American gov’t is considering banning smoking in the military now as well. Oh, that’ll go over “well!” I personally don’t approve of smoking, but banning it(along with everything else) has gone too far and gotten way out of hand.Pretty soon we won’t have ANY privacy, rights, or freedom LEFT!!


“Stareek”; the Russian term for “old man”. My hubby doesn’t seem to realize that’s what he’s fast becoming! He turns 46 this year and thinks he can still do the things he did in his 20’s, or even in his 30’s. He used to do karate(he’s a Black Belt) but then put his hip out and had to stop, so then he took up squash, but now blew out his knee. He never rests long enough to heal and jumps right back into strenous exercise way too soon and gets hurt(even worse!) all over again!One time his lower legs got so bruised and swollen he went to the ER and they were afraid he had blot clots! I tell him he’s stupid and needs to give it a rest,and that he can no longer do the things he used to; he doesn’t have the stamina he had in his 20’s. He scoffs he’s “only as old as you feel”, which is B.S; no matter how old you “feel”, your body says otherwise and betrays you every time.I used to do gymnastics  from age 4-20, but there’s no way I could do that NOW! I know things change over time,but he’s still clueless…he even has bifocals now,too the kids stated means he’s officially an old man now!That dumb male pride thing again…