Thank you St.Therese!

St.Therese has always been my favourite Saint. I can identify with her,and she has always come thru for me in interceding on my behalf and answering prayers. When I pray for her help she has always sent me her trademark sign of roses; I either am given roses, see roses in my e-mail, on a site or blog I go to, in Church,etc..but today, in confirmation of a petition granted, she sent me, in the MAIL, a little red change purse with a St.Therese Rosary in it, that had 3 roses on it, and I never even ordered it!  It came from the Society of the Little Flower I belong to,is that a miracle, or what? God works in mysterious ways and thru His Saints and this is so beyond amazing! Thank you once again, St. Therese!!Not only for your help, but for manifesting yourself in such a dramatic and unexpected way!

“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t…get “de-friended” on Facebook for my views on homosexuality.

I didn’t…laugh out loud when the 6 year old  excitedly  told me,”When we went out I saw it said ‘fuck’ on a wall!”

I didn’t…think it was funny when the kids shot squirrels out of a tree with water-guns.

I didn’t…crack up laughing when the 2 year old licked the dog back!

I didn’t…hide my hubby’s tacky clothes and say it got “lost” in the laundry.

I didn’t…evade the dog license “police” by telling them we don’t have a dog.

I didn’t..tell the kids my bag of chips was all gone because I didn’t want to share.

I didn’t…still wish for another baby even though I know I’m probably not “up” for it.