I am a Devotional Catholic!

I just read this article that stated people such as myself are considered to be “Devotional Catholics”.That is to say, pray the daily Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Seven Sorrows of Mary, do the Stations of the Cross, Adoration,and the like.This somewhat surprised me, as I just always thought this was expected of us ALL; that is was just a usual part of your faith,and had no idea we are considered a smaller minority; a “sub-group” almost, within the Church.I always assummed ALL Catholics worshipped in this way; that it’s just part of BEING Catholic! I am also “orthodox” and conservative in my Faith,and Rosaries,prayers,Novenas and such are just a daily part of my life,and enrich my faith,make me a more faithful Christian,and bring me closer to the person God wants me to be.

A lesson in faith.

I have contacted several old friends on Facebook as I have reported before.Sadly, only 3 have accepted contact and me as a friend and 5 have outright rejected and blocked  me,and these were people I thought were my friends! It’s very hurtful,and of the 5, interestingly enough, 2 are gay,and 2 others possibly(what are the ODDS?), and they refuse my contact due to my Christian beliefs,which is unfortunate but I must stay true to my God FIRST, and they’re the ones sinning here, not me! Jesus SAID we would lose friends,and even family,and be hated and persecuted by the world, for following Him and I find this to be so true! Christian-bashing is alive and well,and it’s ironic the gay communuty accuse Christians of being narrow-minded ,yet it’s THEM who are shunning ME; I would not reject contact with them, or adding them as friends, because they are gay(love the sinner, hate the sin, and I don’t condone heterosexual sins,either!), yet they are doing it to ME! It’s very hurtful,but a lesson in faith nevertheless; that we are to still follow Jesus,even when it’s hard, even when it hurts,even when we are rejected and ridiculed and lose friends because of our beliefs.I can only pray for healing, both for them and for myself.It’s extra hard on someone like me too who has always been rejected in life,and some things never change.At least I made the effort to reach out,and in Heaven my little “sacrifice” will not be overlooked…

I feel like a roller-coaster!

I have found several old friends on Facebook.Some from grade 6, some from highschool, some from the 90’s, and most from grade 8. I have some added as Friends,but sadly I have been blocked and refused contact by 3 of them.(1 did add me initially  and then deleted me).This is hurtful, esp. as I only wanted to find out what happened to my old friends and I never did anything to deserve shunning.I guess they really weren’t “friends”, afterall, then, but it’s still a sad realization. There are a couple that are currently  awaiting friend approval that I sent messages to. The idea is that I can see how they turned out, which I did, but at the same time it hurts to be rejected by people you THOUGHT were your friends,and sad in a way too how they have changed and are no longer the same people I once knew(now gay, or into drugs, etc….),and we no longer have anything in common, esp. when Istill  stayed the same; I always held the same beliefs and standards,and always wanted to have kids,which I did.I am the same now as I was then, only older and fatter and greyer!Finding and reconnecting with them makes me feel like I’m on a roller-coaster; both ups and downs, going from happiness and then plunging down into lows,all depending on how they responded but one of my goals was to find certain people and that’s what I’m doing!! I found one of my best friends who also wants us to meet and she’s still just as funny today as she was then! 🙂