More concerns about the Pope…

I have long had deep concerns about the Pope, starting with his pagan nature worshipping environmenatalism,and adding to my concerns his latest Encyclical(I have read and read commentaries on), where he also expresses desire for a one world gov’t, regulating migration,and strengthening labour unions, all pointing to godless Liberal Leftist Socialist views, apostacy, and signs of the Last Days,but NOW he has also made a complete turnaround and actually said the occult Harry Potter series of books and movies is OK as well!!!! Before, he had always rightly  condemned them for their glorifying the occult and bringing people to witchcraft,so why the sudden change? He is being swayed by the world I fear and bringing the Church to apostacy, idolatry,falsehood and ruin. I am not the only Catholic who is concerned; there are a great MANY of us who are disturbed by the way he is heading,and serveral Catholic blogs, articles, newspapers and the like  demanding answers and having grave concerns. I applaud his staunch pro-life stand and stance against homosexuality, greed and materialism,but is it just a matter of time before he changes his mind on  and denounces, THAT,too,and turns to worliness? He is supposed to be JESUS’ Vicar on Earth; NOT Satan’s or the world’s! I can only pray; God help us!

3 thoughts on “More concerns about the Pope…

  1. Regarding the pope’s environmentalism, why is it wrong for him to urge us all to use less energy? I haven’t seen this ‘nature worship’ you talk about. Also, while I’m still working on the encyclical, I haven’t seen or heard anyone saying he’s for one world government. or any of the rest of the things you mention in that sentence. As for Harry Potter, I think it’s the Vatican newspaper, no friend of the pope, saying it’s ok. This is the same paper that says Obama is a pro-Catholic president.

  2. What I see is that the Church in general is sending mixed messages. Because we have liberal and conservative bishops and priests. Our Church is in flux right now. The post-Vatican II 60’s and 70’s really threw the Church for a loop. Some have said that the Pope’s own words are not the entire body of the encyclical. But all that matters is that he signed it.

    The question should not be is the pope liberal or conservative. It should be is he Orthodox?

    The problem is that the “official” unofficial Vatican news sends a different message, the bishops don’t send a unified message, and you have too much political infighting.

    I think, from what I’ve read so far, is that the Pope wants us to be stewards of the world, and to take care of one another.

    Thank you for caring so much about our Church, but it’s not time to flush. The world governments don’t listen to the pope. If they did, we might have a concern. I don’t think you and I (I think we’re close to same age…)will see a world currency.

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