“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been up to lately:

I told the 6 year old Dachshunds are also called “Weiner Dogs” and she said,”The GIRL ones don’t have weiners!” and the 11 year old stepped on a wasp in the grass,and everyone swam in the pool.I also clipped Wilson’s coat again, and we went to a sidewalk sale in town(now you KNOW your town is pathetic when an annual sidewalk sale is the event of the summer! How ‘sad” is THAT?)my mother had her 68th birthday, and the 13 old old got 87% with First Class Honours on her grade 7 piano exam! The kids played “What would you rather do?”(eg.”eat a bowl of steaming hot barf,or steaming hot diarrhra?”)and “traded” places; swapping clothes and pretending to be eachother,and when hearing my brother-in-law(who’s my age; in his 40’s) just graduated grade 12(he’s dropped out of highschool years ago and completed his diploma at nightschool) the 10 year old gasped in horror,”What is he, a retard?” 🙂