The Man in the Mirror.

Sadly, the whole Michael Jackson death story has become even more bizarre and  tragic. Now they are looking at murder, since it would appear he died (of cardiac arrest) due to either an over-dose or a bad reaction to a powerful anesthetic; one that is used to put people under for surgery(and *I* may have even had myself when I had my surgeries and  the thought it can stop your heart scares me!)which, of course, one doesn’t normally even HAVE outside of a hospital setting but was administered to him at home by a quack; it seems he had a weird anesthetic fetish! Details also emerged of his tragic, sad, lonely, tortured life, how he thought of suicide, how he was so unhappy,and dependent on so many drugs(he was basically a one-man pharmacy!) and his body was riddled with injection needle sites,he was anorexic, etc.. I can’t help but feel so badly, and so sorry, for him. He was so tormented,living in his own lonely little world, unhappy and hurting.I hope and pray he is finally at peace.No matter what people may think about him and say about him, you have to give him credit though; he did appear to be a good and loving(and missed) father.

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