Empowering myself!

I have taken my letting go of the past, and trying to heal of the bullying a step further: I sent messages to the bullies of my past I found on Facebook; it’s something I needed to do for closure. I asked them WHY  they were so mean to me, what I ever did to deserve it,and at least to let them know how hurtful it was and long-term damaging.Even if they don’t answer, don’t remember, and aren’t sorry,at least by confronting them and my past I empowered myself. I expect they won’t even reply, or maybe to even still be bullies and reply with a cruel message such as I “deserved” it, or they’re not sorry and would do it again, or that they hated me then and they still hate me now,etc..In fact, one of them DID reply, a curt response, denying it;”I don’t know WHO you ARE or WHAT you’re TALKING about!!” I wonder though if she really doesn’t remember( a small part of her life she’s forgotten, but that had a big negative impact on mine and that I’ll NEVER forget!!), or if she actually feels guilty and doesn’t want me to KNOW it’s her, and to think I got the wrong person? (I can assure you, it IS her,though!) but then again, what DO you SAY to someone you tormented?There really ARE no words(other than “sorry” but I won’t hold my breath!)although an explanation WOULD be nice,and they do at least  owe me that! I also am trying to get one of the popular girls from back then to add me as a “friend”; someone who wouldn’t even give me the time of day back then…how PATHETIC is THAT?? Really, though, the only thing that really matters is what GOD thinks of me!!