“Not MY CHILD Monday!”

Not My Child MONDAYThis was based on the “Not Me!” Monday blog carnival created at www.mycharmingkids.net. With 11 kids, we have unlimited stories to tell, but I’ll just limit it to a few here:

One of the kids at age 3-4 years old, seeing a Black man, loudly yelled in excitement,”Look! A CHOCOLATE man!”

One of the kids as a baby let loose this biggest loudest ca-ca ever in Church; right at the silent part of the Mass and EVERYONE turned to look!

One of the kids at age 5 scolded a guest eating spinach dip,”You’re NOT supposed to double-dip!!”

One of the kids yelling loudly,”I PEED in the pool!”

Commenting and pointing to a crippled man,”How come that man only has one leg?”

Yelling loudly, “Look at that really FAT man! Is he having a BABY?”

Loudly yelling,”Something smells like a ‘rude-part’!”

In Church someone dropped a hymnal and one of the kids yells sarcastically, “SMART!”

Telling their friends that they “walked in on us having sex!”

In Church loudly telling me,”That lady keeps giving me the ‘Stink-Eye!'”

In Church seeing a baby in front of us with Down Syndrome loudly commenting,”That baby looks retarded!”

When I explained after you have kids your belly skin and muscles stretch and end up a sagging pouch, one of the kids observed,”I know, I can see YOURS when you sit down!”

Asking my grandmother,”You’re OLD! Are you going to DIE soon?”