“Ketchup post”.

Catching up on what we’ve been up to recently….

I booked tours for our upcoming trip to the Caribbean online,and they include every day at the beach(naturally!) and snorkelling,sailing on a catamaran,a safari bus tour, and exploring a pirate ship! The 6 year old also said she thinks if you plant a popcorn seed(kernel) you can grow a popcorn tree,,we sucked helium out of balloons we got and made funny voices,and the 11 year old’s  still getting hives form the pool, even though we lessened the chlorine amount! Every day we give the bottom of the pool it’s “daily kiss” as well, and practice snorkelling for the trip and the 11 year old plugged the 8 year old’s snorkel with his finger! The 13 year old also left for camp for 2 weeks and the 10 year old is going to a sewing daycamp soon for a week and all the kids(under 12) to Bible camp for a week next month. The 10 year old got stung by a wasp,too,and I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen since grade 5 and now we have KIDS older than that! It’s so hard to believe! I also feel hurt and betrayed as 2 people close to me hid something from me and when I found out it was very hurtful,and the 2 year old keeps pulling down the 6 year old’s pants and says, “Off!” I guess that’s about it for now!!