Sea Glass Prayer.

By Anne Bender.

Lord, I am like a piece of sea glass.Although I am nestled amid the gritty sand and hard rocks of life,your gentle waves of love continuously wash over me, so that I become smooth and soft. Look closely! I am glistening,sparkling and colourful.I stand out from my surroundings. I am a reflection of Your Holy Love in me. Amen.

Sad stories.

It saddens me to learn that several of the people I once knew and went to school with(even some former friends) have had their lives turn out the way they have; many of them(not specifically the ones I added as friends”, but others I have contacted, so if you’re reading this, no it’s NOT you!!): gay, divorced, single parents, sleeping around, druggies, mental illness, dead-end jobs,and the like. There are only like 2 or 3 of them that have normal stable  adult lives,and still married with kids and an intact family.It hurts me to see how they’ve changed,suffered,struggled, and  how some of them have also become worldly, corrupt, and  immoral and so far removed from who they once were and from my reality now and no longer have anything in common. On a positive note,however, another of the bullies did respond and said she doesn’t remember me but apologized and said she’s sorry and her cruelty was her way of masking her misery. Unexpected,but a step towards healing,and sad as well she was also hurting and unhappy. It also hurt me my mother(in her usual hateful way) sneered to the 6 year old how “all the kids HATE you and want you to DIE!” I mean, what sort of person SAYS something like that, and to her own GRANDCHILD? (see what *I* had to put up with growing up?) and I remembered another sad story a relative told me awhile back: my grandfather(dead for 19 years now but would have been around 100 now) was beaten unconscious by his drunken angry father when he was 14 and left in the barn to die, where his mother found him, bundled him up and told him he had to leave home for good or he would kill him.He got help from the farmer neighbour and left,never to see his large family again,and worked at farms to survive.How tragic is THAT? I cried when he told me this. It also explains, years later, WHY he WAS such a cold, unfeeling,harsh man himself..he never knew how to love or what is was like to BE loved….you never know what happened to people and in their lives, that made them the person they are ,and usually the nastiest have been the most hurt in life.Pray for your enemies and for  those who make your life difficult; the chances are, they are in pain.I know I do.