Pass the Barf-bag!!

This is soooo totally disgusting there aren’t even any words for it! I read a medical article stating how now most vaccine manufacturers are switching over from using animal cells to ABORTED HUMAN FETAL CELLS!(so in order to appease the animal-freaks they use cells of murdered babies instead?Yeah….THAT makes more sense?) Yes, that’s right; using cells of murdered babies to culture vaccines and inject dead babies into our children! If that isn’t bad enough, there is serious concern this may ALSO  be the “trigger” of autism in an increasingly number of kids(it used to be 1 out of 10 000 kids, now 1 out of 150, and in some cases ,in the UK, 1 out of 63!)the theory is the DNA in the cells in the vaccines  somehow gets dislodged or something and mingles with the recipient’s cells and DNA and causes a “trigger”. Makes me wonder if the increase of childhood cancer(such as our 11 year old’s leukemia!) may ALSO be due to this? Cancer, afterall, is cell mutation that reproduces at an alarming rate; could not the human cells in the vaccines cause the recipient’s cells to go “haywire?” This is just too evil and  sickening to comprehend,it is immoral and it is an insult to God. We are not God.Genetic engineering? Eugenics? Scientists and doctors should NOT be fooling around with genetics, DNA, cloning,and the like, and of course, should NOT be killing babies,either,which goes without saying! I can understand why a lot of parents DON’T vaccinate their kids….the idea of injecting our kids with dead baby parts is appalling and makes me sick to my stomach,and then that it can possibly cause cell mutation too? Is God trying to TELL us something here? Hmmmm…check it out here for yourself:

Guess what I saw in the backyard?

You’ll never guess what I saw in the backyard(unless you CHEATED and looked at the photo; then you’d know!!)…a groundhog! I was sitting out on the porch and saw something walking by the side of the pool and thought it was an enormous cat but the way it carried itself looked strange so I peeked closer and saw it was actually a groundhog! Then it waddled off scurrying under the garden ferns! I have seen them often along the grassy fields along the highway(or as roadkill) but never in our yard even though we DO live out in the country! As well as that, with the storm the 6 year old climbed into bed with me  at night to take “cover” and she asked my mother how come she never farts, and the kids doodled “tattoos” over eachother with markers (“Tattoodles”) and Wilson was choking on something and I had to do the “Heimlich” on him…it works on dogs,too! The 11 year old has his app’t with his oncologist next week as well(which always makes me nervous; fearing he’s relapsed!) and the 2 year old “escaped” from his nap and when told to get back he wailed,”Noooo! F*ck you!” I thought I was going to pee myself I laughed so hard! Where did THAT come from?