How rare is ovarian cancer?

A friend of mine’s sister died of ovarian cancer. I read this is considered a fairly rare cancer,but also has a poor prognosis; like 20-30 % survive 5 years. This is the freaky part: I have all the symptoms of it,even though statistically  I am considered the lowest risk: low risk factors incl. having several children(I’ve had 11), having the first child early(I had him at 22) having the last child later(I had him at 40) and breastfeeding(I did.).So going by that I should be scott-free…..except I ALSO found out I have the symptoms: abdomenal pain(at times so bad I double-over), fatigue, constipation, lower back pain,gas, queasiness, lack of appetite,and frequent urination and unusual bleeding. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence; maybe my pain is related to my monthly cycle, maybe I’m tired because I have 11 kids, maybe my back pain is from sitting in a certain position…but I have no idea why I’m constipated(I normally am NOT, only when I had my liver problem or when I’m prego) or peeing all the time all of a sudden, even overnights now,too. Another sign is unusual changes in the monthly cycle,and the other day I bled so much I thought I was hemmoraging and something had ruptured. Our 15 year old, when he was a baby, had ALL the classic symptoms of fluid pressure on his brain so he had a CT scan,and he didn’t end up having it,afterall, yet  our 11 year old(when he was 7) didn’t have the normal symptoms of leukemia yet he DID have it. You never know.There aren’t doctors here out in the middle of nowhere; you’d have to go to a hospital in one of the big cities, something I am loathe to do unless I know for SURE, so I wait on it,pray,and see if  it improves, or worsens. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or always imagine the worst.I leave it with God and ask Him to guide me and let me know…and there you have it!