“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing:

The 11 year old has his oncologist app’t today which always makes me nervous(in case he’s relapsed) until we know it’s ok, the 2 year old set off the security system and scribbled on the TV and seeing his wrinkled hands and feet after his bath moaned,”Boo-boo!” I also heard gun shots outside which sounds like fire crackers,; pop-pop-pop! I trimmed Wilson’s fur, and continue to have ovarian cancer symptoms, incl. nausea, and lack of appetite. I remember as well a few years ago when I was prego with one of the kids they found cysts on an ovary but said were nothing to worry about; could they have turned cancerous? ..or just a coincidence? Some of the kids are still at camp,and I’m travelling up to see an old friend I recently got back in touch with.