Please pray!

In getting back in touch with old friends I came across sad news that needs much prayer: I reconnected with a friend from grade 5 who is now married and has 3 sons, and her 18 month old was just diagnosed with cancer. This is heartbreaking,and esp. so for me as our 11 year old son also had cancer(leukemia) 4 years ago,now in remission,thank God. We KNOW exactly  what it’s like; the fear, panic, struggle,sleepless nights,  worry,stress,anxiety,disruption,uncertainty,etc.and what they’re going thru right now.. we also know the power of prayer, and of hope, and that God will carry you thru your darkest and scariest moments and that you are never alone and He will give you strength you never knew you had,and that you can overcome the unimaginable. Will you please pray for her little boy and for the family? I hope I am able to give her support, hope,and encouragement during this difficult journey,as I have walked it myself and it’s a very hard thing to endure, for the entire family.Please also keep baby Stellan in your prayers as he is still in need as he soldiers on with his heart condition.

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