“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t…not bath the kids, figuring they would be clean from swimming in the pool….

I didn’t…decide to have the pool guys come early to close the pool up for the season( this week) to save $$$$ and expense of keeping it open, with the cost of the chemicals and the electricity to run the pump…

I didn’t…feel hurt that most former classmates and friends I found on Facebook  didn’t even remember me, at least not at first, like I’m not worth remembering…

I didn’t…get seriously depressed now it’s the end of summer and school’s back next week….

I didn’t….feel disgusted and filled with righteous anger reading “Christian” blogs that mentioned they like Harry Potter(occult the Bible warns us to avoid) and have SEX-toys; NOT appropriate for Christians, and some things really should be kept PRIVATE, esp. your sex-life; they are not a good example of godly living and make ALL Christians look badly…

I didn’t…get mad when I thought a friend might cancel out on travelling together as she didn’t want to leave her DOGS, esp. when if I can leave my kids she can certainly leave her dogs,and people are more important than animals and should come first…

I didn’t…get mad at my hubby and think it frivoulous that he’s still spending 100$ to get the piano tuned when $$$$ is tight and we have a 800$ bill for van repairs; thinking the $$$ could be better used elsewhere and that this is the sort of thing that you let go when $$$ is tight….


Universally a “No-brainer!”

I just don’t “get” it why Americans are so up in arms and seemingly against universal health care like we have here. As it is now under their system, only if you have money(or good private coverage) can you afford medical care(see doctors, have surgery, go to the ER, etc..) and if you don’t you are simply out of luck; you have to hope for the best you recover on your own, or die because you can’t afford treatment! How bizarre and wrong is THAT? It sounds like a Third World nation! Who WOULDN’T want a system where ALL it’s citizens are covered and have access to available and free medical care? Sure, you have to WAIT longer, but at least you DO get treated, whereas as it is now over there, you CAN get in to see a specialist or have surgery scheduled quickly….but only as long as you can AFFORD it; the poor never get in at ALL! Wouldn’t you rather have to wait a bit but know if you have a need  you’ll get looked after than to never get treated at all because you haven’t got the financial means? People decry it’s “Communism”, but it isn’t;it just means ALL people are entitled to care and won’t be turned away or simply left to die because they can’t afford to pay; it comes out of taxes. I saw the movie “Sicko” and it was a REAL eye-opener,and so tragic those people died because they couldn’t afford to pay outrageous fees(like 100 00$ or more for surgery!). I’m glad it never happened to us like that; when our son had cancer all the treatments and hospital stays and surgery was covered; we didn’t have to worry about selling our home,taking out loans we could never pay back, or going bankrupt  to pay for it(or having him died because we didn’t have the money; to me that’s unthinkable!) and as for the meds he took at home, the Cancer Society covered the percentage our extra insurance didn’t pay. There’s NO way we’d EVER have been able to pay for that! I am grateful we have health care available, accessible and free for everyone; if you have a genuine need, you will get treated for it. To me universal health care is “no-brainer”; why would you NOT want medical care available for everyone, but prefer to have it controlled and accessible, to only a select amount? Medical care is a basic human right and it shouldn’t be a business for profit, esp. to the exclusion of those who need it the most.If we lived in USA our son would have died because we just don’t have the money it takes to get him treated and that’s just plain wrong.How CAN people be so against health care for everyone?I don’t get it…

A sorrowful heart and a European soul.

I think I can best describe myself as a sorrowful heart and a European soul. I have always been drawn to Europe and feel at home there. I always carry a certain sadness in my heart as well, and have great compassion for others who suffer and am constantly praying for them. The rampant immorality, sin and disregard for God in the world troubles me greatly, and I am concerned for people’s salvation and pray for the souls of the dead. My mother, however, sees my high moral standards, staunch religious beliefs(and being unapologetic for it) as well as my strong opinions and conservative views as “self-righteous”, “critical” and “judgemental”, when really it comes from LOVE; I love and genuinely care about people and I WANT them to go to Heaven,and as Christians we ARE called to evangelize and admonish sinners, with the hopes of leading them to God and salvation! I DON’T want people to deny God and to go to Hell.This is why I let them know and what drives me to stand up for what’s right, as well as righteous anger that so many in the world disobey and have turned their backs on God, esp. when He loves us all so much! I have lost friends over my views and beliefs and it does turn some people off,and I’m always being hassled, but that’s their problem, not mine,and I am accountable and loyal  to GOD first!

In other news, right in the middle of watching a movie last night the power went off, in the entire street,and was out for 7 hours,and we never did find out why, or what happened. Just my “luck” though; I hardly watch anything, and the odd time I do THAT’S always the time the satellite, TV, or power goes off.Figures.It feels like everything is always working against me all the time and nothing ever seems to go my way!

Big Brother is still alive and well….

I am disgusted to hear of more Big Brother intrusion from governments: in one instance a 13 year old Dutch girl wants to break a world record and sail alone around the world…and child protection agencies have stripped her parents of custody and taken away their parental rights(because they support her),and are over-seeing her and forcing her to have psychological evaluations. In another case, the American state of Massachussets(I hope I spelt that right!) is possibly going as far to force it’s citizens to have the Swine Flu vaccine and even going as far as going to fine them 1000$ a DAY as well as JAIL time, if they refuse! WHAAAT? So much for freedom! So much for making your own decisions! Big Gov’t always has to intrude upon people’s privacy, families, homes, rights,and freedoms,and if we do anything that’s not considered to be “mainsteam” we are under attack from the know-it-all “Nanny-state”, and if we refuse what the gov’t tries to force upon us, we will be severely punished. Child protection agencies already have way too much power and are above the law, but unless children really are being abused or molested, nothing else is any of their business and they should just leave parents alone to raise their families as they see fit, and one has to wonder as well WHY gov’t’s are pushing the vaccine; what, are they implanting micro-chips or something, to track people, or even sterilizing them, for population control, or what? It sounds crazy, conspiricist,and paranoid, but nothing surprises me anymore,and the gov’t’s have become more and more intrusive and trampling on people’s rights and freedoms, so I guess ANYTHING is possible, and I personally wouldn’t put it past them! The signs of the Last Days as recorded in the Bible Book of Revelation come to mind as well: they will be marked with the sign of the beast…

Friday Fill-ins.

1. I remember, I remember     the lazy, hazy, days of childhood summers_____.

2. Dear   bullies of my childhood  _________ I want you to know    the scars remain for life!______.

3. Is that     my  mind that I lost ___________!!???

4. I’m trying to resist the temptation of     gorging on a bag of spicy chips ___________.

5. I’m saving a      piece of my heart___________ just for you!

6. If I made a birthday list   Jesus on the guest list    ___________ would definitely be on it!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to  watching a movie  _____, tomorrow my plans include  a BBQ   _____ and Sunday, I want to    go to Confession_____!

“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our lives:

I have Pink-Eye AGAIN and it’s so bad; all red,swollen,itchy,gritty,and irritated and I’m alergic to the eye drops as well, and our oldest(away at university) went to the ER; sick and unable to get out of bed, with severe headache; they think it’s a sinus infection but took blood to check for Swine Flu I presume(as the symptoms for that and a cold are so similar) but results takes 5 days. I also got the newest George Thorogood CD(I’m listneing to right now, in fact) and we went to the “Ex”; an end of summer family tradition,and are preparing the curriculum to begin a new homeschooling year,and found out the van needs new brakes now as well; another expense we can’t afford and we can just never seem to get ahead!! I am also disgusted by so-called “Christian” bloggers I read  who said they like Harry Potter(which is occult and the Bible warns us to avoid), and  use SEX TOYS(which is just perverted and NOT appropriate for Christians,and some things should really be kept private, esp. your sex-life) filling me with righteous anger; they are NOT good examples of godly, and righteous living and make ALL Christians look bad! I am slighted as well I was to go on a trip(to either South Africa or South-East Asia next year) with a friend but it may not happen now as she insists she always travels with her dogs but they don’t allow them on the cruise ship, and I told her just to board them at a kennel instead,and if I can leave my KIDS behind she can certainly leave her DOGS and it’s not right she miss out on a trip with a friend(and let me down) for DOGS! People are more important than animals and should come first! It makes her sound like one of those crazy pet ladies and animal-freaks that treat their pets like babies!(it’s one of my biggest pet-peeeves,too if you pardon the pun!!)

School’s back….almost!

I have heard that for many kids(in USA) school has already gone back, and here it’s generally after Labour Day,although this year in our area they’re going back a week EARLIER for some reason; on the 1st, but we’re still not starting our new homeschooling year until the 8th. Our oldest is heading into his 2nd year of university as well and the 2nd oldest will be starting her first year,and we homeschool the others, except for the youngest, age 2, but I have been teaching him “informally” and he can already spell his name, recite the alphabet, recognizes all the letters and their phonetic sounds, can count to 20 and knows his colours! As for the older ones, we always use a set curriculum for each grade(this year it goes from grade 1 up to highschool levels) we buy from a Christian supplier.I teach Bible, language arts, science, social studies, math,and reading. Some of the work is seat work with paper,pencil and workbooks,and other is on CD ROM on the computer.We have our structured lessons in the mornings after breakfast and in the afternoons they finish up, do extra work, catch up or work ahead, do chores,and then spend time outside.We take the summers off, 2 weeks at Christmas and a week in March.We work Monday-Friday,and this year also taking an extra week off in October to go to the Caribbean. We allow our year to go until the end of June but often are finished early, in April or May.I have been doing this for 17 years, ever since the oldest was 2 and started to read.All the kids have been exclusively homeschooled right from the beginning and we wouldn’t have it any other way.It is best for them, flexible, allows for our morals and beliefs to be fostered(and not discouraged and persecuted like in the schools),allows for a higher level of learning,and is free of the immorality,bullying,peer pressure, violence,political-correctness,enviro-indoctrination, and sub-standards of the public schools,and is geared to each student as an individual,and tailor-made to fit each one’s level,abilityand learning style.It is my vocation and for us there was never any other option!

Double-dipping…or triple, in my case!

I  have not only double-dipped….but triple, getting baptized, that is! I was baptized as a baby into the Catholic Church, but as I got older I left for awhile(although always had a strong faith and love of God) basically due to the fact as a child my religious upbringing was sadly ignored and I missed out on timely Sacraments(that I later “made up” for myself as an adult; always doing things “backwards!”)So I searched ,and ended up joining AND being baptized in 2 other faiths: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Latter-Day Saints(Mormons). There were many things I liked about them, such as JW not believing in war or pagan things(such as Halloween), strong values and morals, no smoking and strong families…but the deeper I got into it, I didn’t like the fact that they don’t celebrate Christmas, discourage having kids and homeschooling and higher education, frown on individualism, don’t believe we have a soul that goes to Heaven at death(I find blasphemous!) and DO allow drinking! As for LDS I liked their strong family values and high moral standards, encouraging having many kids,and no drinking or smoking, but never could bring myself to believe the whole Joseph Smith thing(I tried to overlook at first as it was in the past) and the Temple was just weird,and they had many bizarre teachings, such as God was once a man, and we can become “gods”(blasphemy!)and did allow Halloween,and their past history of racism and polygamy bothered me, and I wasn’t into the whole geneology or pioneer thing(although there’s nothing wrong with it; it just wasn’t my “thing”)and they had a whole lot of things they DON’T tell you until you get further into it, which if I HAD known before I never would have joined! Then, after touring the great cathedrals of Europe I MISSED my Catholic past,and longed for Mass again, so we went back,and even though the Church does have it’s faults(pedophile priest scandals, Liberal leanings, Pope getting into the cult of enviromentalism,allowing smoking and drinking) nothing IS “perfect”; it has it’s good points too such as encouraging kids and homeschooling, no contraception or divorce, strong familes,morals, and standards,and the issues I have are with the PEOPLE and NOT the actual DOCTRINE,and I believe it IS the only church founded by Jesus and NOT by man, but I don’t regret my “hunting” and spiritual journey,as I met alot of kind,wonderful and good people,and my experience has made me a BETTER Catholic; I had to leave to find out what I was missing and to discover that what I was looking for was there all along!! 🙂

“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival started on www.mycharmingkids.net

I didn’t…secretly want to scream back,”Mind your OWN business!” at the neighbours when they’d yelled over the fence to the kids being noisy in the pool….

I didn’t…hurry the 2 year old off to bed early because *I* was tired…

I didn’t…Feel hurt to find out a friend was in town but never dropped by to see us….

I don’t….feel eager for  our “snotty” 18 year old moving out soon to university(in 2 weeks) eager to FINALLY  have an end to all the stress, strife, conflict,disharmony,and discord she causes our home and family…

I didn’t tell the 19 year old,”I TOLD you so!” away at university, complaining things cost so much money,he doesn’t have enough $$$ to get by,etc… when HE was the one who wanted to move out on his own despite our objections and telling him how much it costs, etc…but he GOT what he wanted…as well as a valuable life lesson….

I didn’t….drop a chicken wing for dinner on the floor and not say anything and just toss it back….

I don’t…dread returning back to homeschooling in 2 weeks(even though I KNOW it’s best for the kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)….

I didn’t…feel “slighted” a friend passed up meeting me at the “Ex” as she decided to spend that day(her day off) taking her dumb DOGS to the vet instead, putting animals before people….