I had a GREAT visit with my dearest friend!

Yesterday I had a GREAT visit with my dearest and best friend of all time! I hadn’t seen her since we were around 14 and last heard from her(letters) at age 16 or so, and recently reconnected and I went up to visit her! It was a long drive but she’s worth it!! We spent all day catching up and visiting and it was like we were never apart all those years and it felt like we were transported back to being kids again! We shared funny moments and talked about old friends and past times and it was wonderful! Of all my old friends she was the one I most wanted to find out what happened and now we can keep in touch regularly from now on and plan to meet up again, and to have her come to my house as well and meet all the kids! I love her like a sister,and we share silly things(such as  B.P) that only we understand(and find hilariously funny!) but that NO ONE else would “get!” We have a special bond!!

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