You tore your WHAT??

My hubby hurt his knee back in November playing squash.(I guess runing into the wall and slamming your racket on your knee does that!) and it has bothered him ever since; he winces in pain and limps and hobbles along like a broken old man….bt he also doesn’t rest it like he should either and quickly goes back to playing squash! Needless to say, he’s had enough and went to see a doc who diagnosed a torn meniscus; knee cartilage. He’s getting an MRI on Wed. to check into more details but in all likelihood requires surgery to repair it. Now THIS I have GOT to see; this is a man who faints at the sight of blood or a needle, and can’t even look when *I* get an IV, epidural, or even blood taken! (All they’d have to do is SHOW him the needle and he’d pass out!!) so either they’ll put him right out(which requires a large IV needle) or at the least give him a spinal anesthesia(which is a GINORMOUS metal needle in your spine!) I have had both kinds many times and came thru it fine(except for barfing my guts out one time with the General anesthesia) but how he’ll make it thru when he’s such a “wimp”(no offence) will be interesting…he thought he would “die” the one time he just got STITCHES( ha ha) No WONDER God made it so that WOMEN give birth and NOT men!!!!!

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