Send in the clowns!!

The kids are I were sitting outside, thinking up funny names for clowns, according to their personalities,and here’s what we came up with:

F*cko the clown(the rude one!), Sucko(the crybaby one), Lardo and Gordo(the fat ones), Bendo(the acrobat one), Bimbo(the skanky one), Dumbo(the dumb one), Crappo(the one who wears diapers), Wino(the boozer one), Beano and  Farto(the farting one), Spendo(the extravagant one), Cheapo(the miser one), Psycho(the crazy one), Nerdo(the nerdy one), Barfo(the sick one), Kiddo(the child one), Meano(the nasty one), Chucko(the laughing one),Goofo(the silly one),Narco(the druggie one),  etc.. it can go on and on,and it’s so much fun!

“Ketchup post.”

Catching up on what we’ve been up to lately….

We finally painted the sad, and neglected-looking peeling window frames,and I visited an out-of-town best friend of all-time I recently found on Facebook and got back in touch with and it was WONDERFUL; we had such a great time and it was like we were never apart all those years! The kids also flew this little styrofoam plane that usually ended up landing in the pool, the bushes, or over the fence,and Wilson jumped up and ate a fly in mid-air like how a frog does(and I saw a wasp eat a dead fly,too; I never KNEW that!) and I just love his cute little wet pawprints on the pool deck! We swam and snorkelled as well, one of the kids returned from 2 weeks at  camp, my hubby gets his MRI for his knee on Wed, and the kids made calendars with their own drawings. The hot water tap in the bathtub also broke and baths were *FREEZING* cold, the 6 year old thought cherry PITS were called “pubes”(BIG difference!!) and called a Junebug a JULY bug,and the kids “camped-out” overnight in a tent in the rec-room. The 2 year old drew all over himself with markers(“Tattoodles” tattoo doodles…get it?) and came up to me and calmly spelt out the “F-word”aloud, letter-by-letter, and the 11 year old’s oncologist app’t went well; his blood counts are a bit lower than last time but still within normal range! The typical busy week for us!! Next week: Bible camp for more of the kids for a week! 🙂