“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our whereabouts and adventures lately:

Wilson now eats boogers(as well as bugs and loogies!) and licks and drinks water spritzed at him from a spray bottle, the 8 year old was choking,and tapes bugs on the wall(so far an ant, earwig,dragonfly,wasp,and fly),and the 2 year old kissed the dog right on his butt-hole; I saw it and yelled, “Noooo!” but it was too late! Our Internet was also down for 33 hours and I was basically cut off from the world, and I got “de-friended” by a former classmate on Facebook(she must think we’re back in grade 7 again) but no loss and truthfully she hadn’t changed; she was a b*tch then and she still is,and I noticed how her and others were cruelly  calling people “fat trolls”,”c*nt”etc.. and stuff on her page; I guess some people NEVER change! My mother also curtly told me I should expect,and even deserve, to BE shunned and  hated due to my religious beliefs and views, but mind you, this is a cruel woman who has always been nasty to me; she even grabbed food right out of my hand (I was eating) and gave it to someone else, sneering,”YOU don’t come FIRST!”(I told her,”I’m just tired of always coming LAST!”). My hubby lied on his Facebook page as well and when I called him on it he DELETED my comment,and for the past 2 days I have another of my immobilizing headaches,and so bad I feel sick to my stomach from the pain and am so drowsy I even fell asleep outside,and the 6 year old remarked,”Mama NEVER lays down!” It has been a very hard week, emotionally and physically. I feel disaffected,beaten-down, drained,and broken.Some times I seriously don’t know how much longer I can keep up this routine, over and over,and I just want to get away from it all(and I DESPERATELY NEED my Caribbean trip in Oct!).As for this upcoming week,the younger kids have Bible camp!! 🙂

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