“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival created at www.mycharmingkids.net

I didn’t…hide from the kids when they drive me nuts and I just need private,quiet time alone…

I didn’t…get mad and hurt my thoughtless clod of a husband LIED on his Facebook page and when I called him on it he deleted my post…so I posted on MY profile telling everyone what a big jerk he is…

I didn’t..laugh when the kids fed boogers and scabs to the dog…

I didn’t..freak out in a meltdown when our Internet was down for 33 hours, cut off from the rest of the world…

I didn’t…get fed up with the 10 year old always leaving her clothes, shoes and toys outside all night,and instead of picking it up and bringing it in I just left it out there to teach her a lesson,and then it rained and got all wet….

I didn’t…get disillusioned and no longer “admire” 2 people I used to when I found out one took cocaine and the other had police involvement; finding they aren’t the “nice” people I THOUGHT they were,and got disappointed and felt let-down….

I didn’t…..secretly hope someone reports the neighbour’s constantly noisy barking dog, esp. since THEY reported US a few years ago when OUR dog barked, and it didn’t bark anywhere near what theirs does; figuring they’d know what it’s like and it would serve them right….


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