2 negatives make a positive? Whaaaat?

I remember how in math class years ago they said how 2 negatives make a positive and how stupid that sounded; it’s almost like saying 2 wrongs make a right…and it got me thinking, in my case, with so many negatives, bad luck, misfortunes,trials and hardships that constantly plague our family(I think we might just be cursed!) 2 negatives make even MORE negatives, not LESS! That’s just absurd! I struggle daily to cope with life and it’s challenges, and nothing ever seems to work or go right for me, everything always goes wrong and so hard for me, it feels like in my life the pieces are falling faster than I can pick them up,and my dark depression and  Social Phobia makes it very hard for me to relate to people and to get along in the world;so many times I just feel defeated, beaten-down and flattened by life,and I have 2 “toxic” relatives I have to deal with every day on top of that(although I am hoping to cut loose) that are always on my case and constantly critical and demeaning,and sometimes it all just gets to be too much and there’s nothing BUT negatives(and so few positives) it can be impossible to NOT be pessimistic and jaded,to not concentrate on the bad and overlook the good(as there’s so little of it) and to not feel overwhelmed and it wears on you and makes you a broken person. 2 negatives make a positive? Nah….I don’t THINK so! The good news of it though is that gold is refined thru fire, and the tribulations and struggles in our life purify us spiritually and bring us even closer to the Cross(and make us even stronger),and it is during times like these that you depend on God even more,and truly see His intercession in your life and you know you are not alone. Like St.Therese said, “Unless you have been thru the tunnel, you don’t know what the darkness is like.”but Jesus HAS been there, and will sustain us!

Ice-picks in my skull!

For the past few days now I have had another never-ending of my immobilizing and debilitating headaches which feel like ice picks in my skull(and this time behind my left eye as well) They are so crippling and blinding I am nauseated with the pain and drowsy; I even had a nap(how pathetic is THAT?) and the other day I fell asleep outside I was so sleepy and I almost barf from the pain. I seriously am wondering if I really DO have a brain tumour? Unless I have a major unmistakable symptom(seizure or coma)  there’s no point in going to the ER as they won’t take it seriously and will merely say,”You have a headache? so what; go home and rest.” “You’re tired? you have 11 kids, of course you’re tired; go home and rest”. “You feel queasy? go home and take a Gravol and rest…” In other medical news, my hubby gets his knee MRI results(and further treatment plans; I would presume surgery) this week,and a friend I had in grade school and recently got back in touch with found out her 18 mos. old has cancer, but luckily it hasn’t spread. He just had his first chemo on the weekend.We have walked that same terrifying road with one of our kids,and I know how scared, uncertain, stunned,sleepless,fearful,worried,anxious,and stressed out she is feeling right now. Would you please pray for them?