The last straw….

THIS is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back: we all know my mother is overbearing, hateful and controlling,and is constantly undermining and over ruling me and over stepping boundaries with my kids, but NOW to maintain control she has even sunk to threatening and blackmailing us into selling our house(she also invested in) from under us, forcing us to move,and basically evicting us if I don’t stop protesting her meddling!! We can’t afford to move and when I said, Where will we LIVE?” she sneered, “That’s YOUR problem!” so I told her if she evicts us from our home I WILL take her to court if I have to,and she’ll be cut-off and I won’t let her see the kids ever again, to which she smirked,”They can see me once they’re 18!” but I told her if she causes them to lose their home and causes us all this trouble  they won’t even WANT to bother her again, even then! My hubby says if worse comes to worse HE can buy out her part….except it would wipe out ALL our savings we’d put aside for all the kids’ university…and they’d lose all that all  “thanks” to her!She also jeers I’m “mean” because I punish the kids(and I DON’T even HIT them, or anything; we just revoke priveleges, give them extra chores, or make them replace what they’ve ruined)and my hubby won’t stand up to her and defend his family either; he’s intimidated by her and just LETS her walk all over us, use $$$ as control,and demean,berate, belittle me, etc.he even said it’s MY FAULT for NOT “obeying” her….but I’m 42 years old and have my OWN family and am no longer under HER authority,and she has no right to interfere with my family and take over, OR to have this “leverage” over me threatening to take our house if I DON’T “kow-tow” down to HER!!. I truly feel so broken, beaten, and hopeless at this point I honestly wish I was dead; my life sucks and I’m barely holding on here; I feel all alone and have no support,and now due to my hateful, controlling mother we may even lose our HOME,too?(and my hubby may be losing his job as well so this is the WORST time for her to pull a stunt like this!)_ How far will she GO? She has GOT to be the most hateful, spiteful, cruel, toxic person I KNOW.It’s like she’s out to destroy me, or something,and always makes it painfully clear she hates me and never loved me and is always so quick to butt-in and take over,and it’s gotten so bad I have NO authority over the kids anymore or any “say” in my own home.There is no way anything will ever change, either,and we’re basically at her mercy! I am being made to feel like a stranger, or even a “hostage” in my own family.She’ll only end up hurting herself though; her spite will cause her to end up all alone, but I’m STILL scared “shit-less” we’ll lose our home due to her threats and blackmail! please pray for us; I am feeling REALLY down and desperate here and this is the last straw; I can’t take much more of one really has any idea how unhappy I am…

The verdict is in…’s surgery!

My hubby saw the doc and got his knee MRI results: he has a torn meniscus; or cartilage, in 2 places and will need surgery for sure! Now the doc put in a referral to the surgeon and so he waits….and then later on will learn what the options are and what to expect and have a pre-op physical,and eventually surgery,which may NOT even be for another 6 months or so; referrals generally take a LONG time, and so does getting a booking for surgery!(although he DID get both the MRI and the results quickly!) In other news, a friend was stunned and shocked and taken aback that I like and support Sarah Palin(American politician) and doesn’t seem to agree, but I admire her pro-life and pro family stance, and she won’t pander to the gay agenda(or to ANY special interest group) and she doesn’t cave into political correctness or condone immorality. I wish MORE people were like her in fact,(in reality most politicians are sleazy, untrustworthy liars and cheats that have NO morals at all!)and she has courage to stand up and defend what she believes in too,and to take a public stand as a Christian, and I think it’s awful how the media hassles and slanders her and her family,and no one’s “perfect”; we all have problems but somehow if you’re a Christian they seem to think you’re a hypocrite or a phony if your family’s not “perfect”.It’s TRUE we Christians are held up to higher standards, but we’re ALL imperfect,and I like her and what she stands for! She’s a real person(and not the usual “Femi-nazi”female politician, like Hilary Clinton,either!!) and she’s NOT afraid to defend morality! I’m NOT American, but I’d vote for her if I WAS!!