The verdict is in…’s surgery!

My hubby saw the doc and got his knee MRI results: he has a torn meniscus; or cartilage, in 2 places and will need surgery for sure! Now the doc put in a referral to the surgeon and so he waits….and then later on will learn what the options are and what to expect and have a pre-op physical,and eventually surgery,which may NOT even be for another 6 months or so; referrals generally take a LONG time, and so does getting a booking for surgery!(although he DID get both the MRI and the results quickly!) In other news, a friend was stunned and shocked and taken aback that I like and support Sarah Palin(American politician) and doesn’t seem to agree, but I admire her pro-life and pro family stance, and she won’t pander to the gay agenda(or to ANY special interest group) and she doesn’t cave into political correctness or condone immorality. I wish MORE people were like her in fact,(in reality most politicians are sleazy, untrustworthy liars and cheats that have NO morals at all!)and she has courage to stand up and defend what she believes in too,and to take a public stand as a Christian, and I think it’s awful how the media hassles and slanders her and her family,and no one’s “perfect”; we all have problems but somehow if you’re a Christian they seem to think you’re a hypocrite or a phony if your family’s not “perfect”.It’s TRUE we Christians are held up to higher standards, but we’re ALL imperfect,and I like her and what she stands for! She’s a real person(and not the usual “Femi-nazi”female politician, like Hilary Clinton,either!!) and she’s NOT afraid to defend morality! I’m NOT American, but I’d vote for her if I WAS!!

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