Here is something that I REAAAAALLLY don’t “get”: those truly lame-o TV shows, mostly reality shows. Now, there are a couple of them I like, such as “Little People,Big World”, and TLC’s birth shows, but I think the others are just a waste of celluloid, such as “Project Runway”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “Big Brother”, “Top Chef”, “Dancing With the Stars”. “American Idol”, “Canadian Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”, and the like; those boring shows featuring crass, half-naked,nasty,backstabbing,immoral,competitive,unethical people, about models and dancers and cooks, or the skanks on “Big Brother”,etc.. I mean, what kind of LOSER even watches something like that? I’d rather burn my retinas out than waste my time watching such dribble; I’d rather watch NOTHING at ALL than that crap!(or better yet, read a good BOOK!) I DO have some taste, and I won’t just watch TV for the sake of watching something; I’m selective, and in the summer I maybe watch one thing a month( a Pay TV movie) and during the year still only about 4 shows  a week. I have a LIFE,and to anyone who’s thinking of leaving snide comments, don’t bother; if you don’t like my opinions then feel free to leave;it’s MY blog and I’ll say what I want; no one’s forcing you to be here; if you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read the blog; it’s that simple!! 🙂

More money than brains?

This really “gets” me: how people waste money on animal welfare that would go to better use on human beings and to alleviate human suffering.If you want to donate $$$ give it to the foodbank or the shelter, not to animals!! Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous items and services there are for pets out there: spas, salons, doggy DAYCARES, camp,psychotherapy,massages,and the like; it’s so ridiculous,and even more insane is that people actually waste $$$$ on this stuff; they have more money than brains!! It’s a DOG, people!! A friend of mine was telling me all the $$$ she spends on her dogs and it’s outrageous: she spent 300$ on x-rays, 1200$ on surgery, 30$ a TIN on special food,and 75$ for grooming. As for us, we don’t even TAKE our dog to the vet; I mean, why spend the $$$? We don’t even have dental coverage for our KIDS,and I mean, where is the dog even going to get a disease from(to need vaccines) when he’s a house dog and only outside with us in the yard; he doesn’t go to dog parks, kennels or anywhere else to meet other dogs!and then there’s the animal freaks who gasp in horror reading that and condemning us as bad pet owners, irresponsible, yada,yada,yada…)Years ago, we had a Pug we did take to the vet(before we realized what a waste of $$ it is) and they even asked us if we wanted 800$ FACE-LIFT surgery on the DOG to get rid of its wrinkles! I mean, it’s a PUG; it’s SUPPOSED to have wrinkles; if you don’t like it,then don’t buy a Pug; it’s part of the breed’s charm! I actually laughed out loud as I seriously thought they were kidding and it was a joke…but they were serious and got really offended! They also asked about DENTAL care,and I laughed,”It’s a DOG; I give it a milk-bone!” My mother knew someone as well who even went as far as to take out a LOAN to pay for surgery for her dog! This is just so ridiculous!! YOu can buy a NEW dog for less $$$$!As for grooming, I clip mine  myself every 2-3 weeks or so,and we do take care of him, but we’re not frivoulous and go over-the-top for a dog. We’d much rather spend the $$$ on our KIDS, on things such as food and university education, stuff like that.It seems to be a big scam; suckering people out of $$$ that are dumb enough to shell out endless $$$ on their pets, as if they were people. I just shake my head and roll my eyes…too many people treat animals like people…and people like animals! Human welfare should always come first and pets are NOT people!