Our miracle.

I wanted to tell you about a miracle we had 13 years ago.(Actually, we have had many miracles and heavenly intercessions, but here is but one occasion) our house burnt down in a fire, and in my bedroom where it started there was nothing left; everything was just a heap of black, burnt, charred, acrid,smoky, unidentifiable rubble….except for one thing, that is….a workman cleaning up the mess ran over to me and gasped,”You’ll NEVER guess what I FOUND!!”…it was one of our kids’ Baptism candles!(for some reason this one had been misplaced in my room; all the others were safe in another location of the house ; only half the house  was destroyed, although it all had extensive smoke damage) The box it was in had burnt away,but there was this white candle, unstained,untouched,and intact; not singed,melted, burnt, or harmed in any way, sitting atop the rubble. A CANDLE! Made of WAX! Meant to burn! It had been blessed, and it was a testimony of my faith, and of the powerfulness of Sacramentals and blessed items! Of all things to survive a FIRE! A CANDLE! I still get goosebumps to this day when I think of it!!God is good and all-powerful and loving!

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