I should have died 6 years ago!

I just took one of those “Life expectancy calculator” tests, based on various “risk” factors; lifestyles, diet, exercise, medical history, family,stress, etc.. it calculates when you “should” die…well, accoriding to mine, I should have died 6 years ago when I was 36!! I did well being I don’t smoke or drink, but my stress factor was WAY off the charts(true ‘dat; I have suffered thru so many  unendurable things most people will never experience) and one of the questions was “how many daughters” I have (I have 6, plus 5 sons) but interestingly, never asked about number of sons(so I guess it’s NOT just me who thinks girls are more difficult!)so that somehow “cancelled” out all the rest,and, well, I guess I’m lucky to still be here, ha,ha! So is Wilson, too; I went outside just in time to see him tangled up around the neck; he had somehow gotten himself twisted up in a rope loop and couldn’t get himself loose and the more he tried, the tighter the rope cord  wrapped around his neck; he could have strangled himself to death, the dumb dog! I was praying my Rosary outside as well, which reminded me of my aunt when I was a kid; I remember watching her do HER Missal and Rosary…and now it’s ME! While doing so  I heard these loud weird boom noises, too, but it wasn’t thunder, making me wonder if it’s possibly the “Strange rumblings” mentioned in the Bible signalling the Last Days…and seeing the teen leaders at the kids’ Bible camp this week made ME wish *I* was a teenager again,too(although it wasn’t a happy time for me, with the stress of school,and the usual teen angst,and the fact that boys never gave me a second glance, or even a first glance, for that matter!) but they seemed so young and happy, and still have their lives ahead of them….whereas I should have been dead 6 years ago apparantly!!