“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival started at www.mycharmingkids.net

I didn’t…think to myself,”Well, screw you; I don’t care what you think!” when a not-so-nice comment was left on my blog..

I don’t…dread having to get back to homeschooling in 3 weeks….

I didn’t….get disappointed and bummed-out when someone who was away came back; someone I don’t  like and don’t want to see and am eager to have leave again…

I didn’t…think less of a couple I assumed where married once I  found out were just shacking-up…

I didn’t…during prayers at Church, incl. “Thank you God our church has a/c” as it was a sweltering out at 30 degrees C…

I didn’t…secretly envy the teen leaders at the kids’ Bible camp as they looked so happy, wishing I was young again….

I didn’t…(instead of saying,”Shhhh!”) just quietly laugh and say nothing as my 10 year old loudly yelled over the fence at the noisy constantly barking dog behind us, “BE QUIET!!!” and thought to myself,”Right ON!!”….


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