The Dreamweaver….

Here is something interesting that happened to me: On Fri. I had a dream my mother’s uncle collapsed in the street and died,and today my cousin e-mailed me and said just yesterday he was rushed to the ER with an aneurysm and is very ill. Freaky, I know, but several of my dreams HAVE come true; I have often had warnings ahead of time(I think is the Holy Spirit interceding, or perhaps even my Guardian Angel, but Heavenly help of some sort!) of things that have later occured, some right away, and others even years later, such as our house fire, one of my kids not breathing at birth, one of the kids having leukemia, the danger of an enemy that attacked our family,and of my liver problem, and of an aquaintance having a premature birth, are a few other examples. The Irish call this being “fey” and it tends to run in families,and I know my grandmother had “visions” of things and my 10 year old has had a couple of instances as well. The kids say I’m like Joseph in the Bible, who had dreams sent by God. Last night I had a dream a plane crashed in a small town in Norway…I clearly stay away form the occult and fortune telling and such as warned in the Bible, and I don’t go SEARCHING for these things, yet somehow I just KNOW things I have no way of knowing and get these dreams that later come to pass,and nothing that has conflicted with God’s Word,and in fact, have warned and  prepared us and  saved us on several occasions, so it must be FROM God…

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