…and now, a vaccine to encourage sin!

Critics say Gardasil's makers minimized the sexual transmission of HPV and provided unbalanced info. This is the vaccine to “prevent” HPV, a SEXUALLY transmitted disease that causes genital warts and at times, cervical cancer. They are pushing it on ALL girls, from age 9 years old, the same way they’ve been pushing the Hepatitis vaccines on the 12 year olds(and no, we have always refused it on moral grounds!) So, like with handing out condoms at health units and schools they are pushing a vaccine now, too, condoning, and even encouraging, sin, a false sense of protection, like saying “Here, take this and you can sleep around all you want and not worry about getting a disease!” here’s a newsflash for you: how about ABSTINENCE? How about a thing called living a clean, moral chaste life and you WON’T get a disease either?(and this way is 100% guaranteed!) by the way, did I mention they are also finding the vaccine has bad side-effects(just like contraception, which is also sinful), from strokes, immune disorders, blod clots, death, etc? It wouldn’t surprise me either if what they’re really doing is sterilizing all these girls; injecting them with something(like Depo Provera, or something) to prevent them from having kids. I’m suspicious of ANYTHING the gov’t pushes; be it a Flu shot, or whatever.Living a clean,moral life goes a LONG way, in preventing AIDS, or any sexually transmitted disease. It also goes a long way with GOD and in safeguarding  your salvation as well.Assuming(and encouraging) ALL 9 year olds are whores is disgusting(yet who else would NEED the vaccine, unless they’re high-risk?), and encouraging sin without consequences is even more disgusting.Come to think of it, I bet lots of “worldly” 9 year olds are having sex, and that’s where the problem is…..

Shave this!

I think I might shave off my eyebrows again just for the heck of it(only NOT draw them in like last time) and I even heard it’s the latest fashion rage on the runways in Paris! It’ll certainly be a unique look, very edgy and funky! I also found out another cousin had the Swine Flu as well only a mild case and not serious like his brother had. I am having a rough couple of days as well: I got tricked into installing a virus in my computer by being told it WAS infected and I had to install something to remove it(I’m not smart enough to tell the difference) and then the 18 year old left her bloody underwear laying right on the bathroom floor and gave ME mouthy,snotty attitude when I told her she’s old enough to know better and to pick it up NOW(her university room mate certainly won’t put up with her attitude either, and I’m COUNTING the days until she leaves!) and the 15 year old cruelly mimicks me, and my mother likes to torment me and set me up; she’ll hide the food in the cupboards and not tell me where it is, and even move it so I can’t find it, and then tells me the wrong place it’s at,and when SHE successfully finds it(when I couldn’t) she gets all smug and superior and acts like she’s  smarter than me and when I sighed,”So I guess that makes you so much smarter than me and I’m just the biggest dummy in the whole world?” she smirked, “Yup! That’s RIGHT!” My poor little heart feels so beaten and broken, life for me is a daily struggle and I’m barely hanging on; just trying to hold on and keep my head above water so to speak, is emotionally exhausting. If I didn’t have writing as an outlet I would be totally lost… and of course God is always by my side! 🙂

Farewell to Paul and Brad…

I confess I used to have the biggest crush on Paul McCartney ever since I was 12 years old. My friend and I just LOVED him, and ever since the 90’s I liked Brad Pitt, but now that has all changed, once I found out what was really behind the “pretty” face; what they were REALLY like as people; that Paul took drugs,and was very controlling and  abused both his wives, and became one of those irritating enviro-vegetarian,animal-rights freaks, and the same with Brad: committing adultery, shacking up, smoking marijuana and then saying if he became mayor he’d legalize gay “marriage” and BAN religion! Clearly I don’t like them as people, and they don’t have good morals,and nothing to admire or be attracted to. Alot of beautiful and famous people are like that(and often conceited ,arrogant,and nasty as well) very shallow and have poor morals. It really IS just an illusion afterall; they aren’t what they seem,and most of them aren’t what you call “good” people with strong morals.So I bid them farewell,let go of my “crushes”, and focus my attention on people who are good, upstanding, moral, godly people that actually deserve to be noticed!