The “hammer has fallen”….sort of…

For those of you who have been following this story(all 3 of you, ha ha) my hubby had his biiiiggg meeting at work yesterday. It lasted a whopping 12 HOURS from 8am to 8pm and then the 2 hour drive home; he was home late, and anyway, so far so good: he hasn’t lost his job YET; he’s ok until December but is on the ” hit-list” to likely lose it then; his entire department, in fact. We needed to hear some good news for once, and we have a bit for now(afterall, at least it IS 4 more months we may NOT have had if he’d lost it now) but more of a ‘reprieve”,as it’s still precarious; he’ll still likely be out of a job at the end of the year.Not a very nice Christmas present,though,huh? But we know something will show up; it always does. He has been out of work before and God has always looked after us and provided our needs. It just means we have to trust in Him even MORE!

“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing recently…..

I saw muddy raccoon paw-prints all along the pool deck and we spotted our ‘resident” groundhog again, and  I noticed a neighbour’s Maple tree already has a few yellow leaves on it, and I am dreading back to homeschooling in 3 weeks! Another cousin also had Swine Flu, but mild, not serious like his brother had,and I had a dream an uncle collapsed and died, and 2 days later in real life found out he WAS rushed to the ER with an aneurysm, and the 6 year old thought the chips “Sweet chili heat” was “Sweet CHICKEN FEET”, and the 2 year old drew on his and the other kids’ faces with markers! It has been really hot lately as well; with humidity 40 degrees C and we’ve done alot of swimming, and found out our toilet doesn’t really leak,afterall, but rather it was just the BOYS’ bad aim, peeing on the floor!! Something bad happened to someone my mother doesn’t like,and she was GLAD, and sneered it ‘serves her right”(which I think is just cruel,hateful,and just plain mean!) but my 6year old had it right as she suggested,”We should PRAY for her!!”(I agree!) and our oldest said he’s sick and thinks it’s a cold(I hope NOT Swine Flu, as that’s how my cousin’s started off…) and complains we don’t send him enough $$$(he’s away at university) and I told him we don’t HAVE the $$$ to send; we all are suffereing here; we only buy food on sale and buy used clothing and toys,and he’s only one of the kids; there’s still others here too that need to be fed and looked after! The recession is hitting everyone hard; welcome to the club! My husband may be losing his job,too….times are tough everywhere!