“The grass is on the sun!”

A few years ago I yelled upstairs to the kids, “Degrassi’s on soon!” and one of the younger ones told them, “The grass is on the sun!” not heaing it quite right. It was quite funny, but “Degrassi Jr. high”, “Degrassi High” and “Degrassi the Next Generation” have been my favourite TV shows for years and I have been a faithful viewer ever since it began back in the late 80’s, saw the “School’s Out!” concluding movie in 1992(where Caitlin said the “F-Word” on TV!!) and continuing on with the follow-up series introducting new characters. Next Sunday is another “Degrassi” movie, “Degrassi goes Hollywood” which I admit sounds kind of lame; people chasing the Hollywood dream, but I will watch to see what happens to the characters,and the 9th season starts in the fall as well. Oddly, for a Canadian show, it’s good; usually Canadian shows and movies suck and they just have this “Canadian vibe” where you can just TELL and it’s so awful and low quality, but Degrassi is actually good, and follows the trials ,angst,and tribulations of teen life and school society, genuine, sensitive stories and topics, and serious issues are addressed and my kids watch it with me,too! So WE are, in fact, also the “Next Generation” of “Degrassi” fans!

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