“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival started on www.mycharmingkids.net

I didn’t…secretly want to scream back,”Mind your OWN business!” at the neighbours when they’d yelled over the fence to the kids being noisy in the pool….

I didn’t…hurry the 2 year old off to bed early because *I* was tired…

I didn’t…Feel hurt to find out a friend was in town but never dropped by to see us….

I don’t….feel eager for  our “snotty” 18 year old moving out soon to university(in 2 weeks) eager to FINALLY  have an end to all the stress, strife, conflict,disharmony,and discord she causes our home and family…

I didn’t tell the 19 year old,”I TOLD you so!” away at university, complaining things cost so much money,he doesn’t have enough $$$ to get by,etc… when HE was the one who wanted to move out on his own despite our objections and telling him how much it costs, etc…but he GOT what he wanted…as well as a valuable life lesson….

I didn’t….drop a chicken wing for dinner on the floor and not say anything and just toss it back….

I don’t…dread returning back to homeschooling in 2 weeks(even though I KNOW it’s best for the kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)….

I didn’t…feel “slighted” a friend passed up meeting me at the “Ex” as she decided to spend that day(her day off) taking her dumb DOGS to the vet instead, putting animals before people….