Double-dipping…or triple, in my case!

I  have not only double-dipped….but triple, getting baptized, that is! I was baptized as a baby into the Catholic Church, but as I got older I left for awhile(although always had a strong faith and love of God) basically due to the fact as a child my religious upbringing was sadly ignored and I missed out on timely Sacraments(that I later “made up” for myself as an adult; always doing things “backwards!”)So I searched ,and ended up joining AND being baptized in 2 other faiths: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Latter-Day Saints(Mormons). There were many things I liked about them, such as JW not believing in war or pagan things(such as Halloween), strong values and morals, no smoking and strong families…but the deeper I got into it, I didn’t like the fact that they don’t celebrate Christmas, discourage having kids and homeschooling and higher education, frown on individualism, don’t believe we have a soul that goes to Heaven at death(I find blasphemous!) and DO allow drinking! As for LDS I liked their strong family values and high moral standards, encouraging having many kids,and no drinking or smoking, but never could bring myself to believe the whole Joseph Smith thing(I tried to overlook at first as it was in the past) and the Temple was just weird,and they had many bizarre teachings, such as God was once a man, and we can become “gods”(blasphemy!)and did allow Halloween,and their past history of racism and polygamy bothered me, and I wasn’t into the whole geneology or pioneer thing(although there’s nothing wrong with it; it just wasn’t my “thing”)and they had a whole lot of things they DON’T tell you until you get further into it, which if I HAD known before I never would have joined! Then, after touring the great cathedrals of Europe I MISSED my Catholic past,and longed for Mass again, so we went back,and even though the Church does have it’s faults(pedophile priest scandals, Liberal leanings, Pope getting into the cult of enviromentalism,allowing smoking and drinking) nothing IS “perfect”; it has it’s good points too such as encouraging kids and homeschooling, no contraception or divorce, strong familes,morals, and standards,and the issues I have are with the PEOPLE and NOT the actual DOCTRINE,and I believe it IS the only church founded by Jesus and NOT by man, but I don’t regret my “hunting” and spiritual journey,as I met alot of kind,wonderful and good people,and my experience has made me a BETTER Catholic; I had to leave to find out what I was missing and to discover that what I was looking for was there all along!! 🙂