School’s back….almost!

I have heard that for many kids(in USA) school has already gone back, and here it’s generally after Labour Day,although this year in our area they’re going back a week EARLIER for some reason; on the 1st, but we’re still not starting our new homeschooling year until the 8th. Our oldest is heading into his 2nd year of university as well and the 2nd oldest will be starting her first year,and we homeschool the others, except for the youngest, age 2, but I have been teaching him “informally” and he can already spell his name, recite the alphabet, recognizes all the letters and their phonetic sounds, can count to 20 and knows his colours! As for the older ones, we always use a set curriculum for each grade(this year it goes from grade 1 up to highschool levels) we buy from a Christian supplier.I teach Bible, language arts, science, social studies, math,and reading. Some of the work is seat work with paper,pencil and workbooks,and other is on CD ROM on the computer.We have our structured lessons in the mornings after breakfast and in the afternoons they finish up, do extra work, catch up or work ahead, do chores,and then spend time outside.We take the summers off, 2 weeks at Christmas and a week in March.We work Monday-Friday,and this year also taking an extra week off in October to go to the Caribbean. We allow our year to go until the end of June but often are finished early, in April or May.I have been doing this for 17 years, ever since the oldest was 2 and started to read.All the kids have been exclusively homeschooled right from the beginning and we wouldn’t have it any other way.It is best for them, flexible, allows for our morals and beliefs to be fostered(and not discouraged and persecuted like in the schools),allows for a higher level of learning,and is free of the immorality,bullying,peer pressure, violence,political-correctness,enviro-indoctrination, and sub-standards of the public schools,and is geared to each student as an individual,and tailor-made to fit each one’s level,abilityand learning style.It is my vocation and for us there was never any other option!