Friday Fill-ins.

1. I remember, I remember     the lazy, hazy, days of childhood summers_____.

2. Dear   bullies of my childhood  _________ I want you to know    the scars remain for life!______.

3. Is that     my  mind that I lost ___________!!???

4. I’m trying to resist the temptation of     gorging on a bag of spicy chips ___________.

5. I’m saving a      piece of my heart___________ just for you!

6. If I made a birthday list   Jesus on the guest list    ___________ would definitely be on it!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to  watching a movie  _____, tomorrow my plans include  a BBQ   _____ and Sunday, I want to    go to Confession_____!

“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our lives:

I have Pink-Eye AGAIN and it’s so bad; all red,swollen,itchy,gritty,and irritated and I’m alergic to the eye drops as well, and our oldest(away at university) went to the ER; sick and unable to get out of bed, with severe headache; they think it’s a sinus infection but took blood to check for Swine Flu I presume(as the symptoms for that and a cold are so similar) but results takes 5 days. I also got the newest George Thorogood CD(I’m listneing to right now, in fact) and we went to the “Ex”; an end of summer family tradition,and are preparing the curriculum to begin a new homeschooling year,and found out the van needs new brakes now as well; another expense we can’t afford and we can just never seem to get ahead!! I am also disgusted by so-called “Christian” bloggers I read  who said they like Harry Potter(which is occult and the Bible warns us to avoid), and  use SEX TOYS(which is just perverted and NOT appropriate for Christians,and some things should really be kept private, esp. your sex-life) filling me with righteous anger; they are NOT good examples of godly, and righteous living and make ALL Christians look bad! I am slighted as well I was to go on a trip(to either South Africa or South-East Asia next year) with a friend but it may not happen now as she insists she always travels with her dogs but they don’t allow them on the cruise ship, and I told her just to board them at a kennel instead,and if I can leave my KIDS behind she can certainly leave her DOGS and it’s not right she miss out on a trip with a friend(and let me down) for DOGS! People are more important than animals and should come first! It makes her sound like one of those crazy pet ladies and animal-freaks that treat their pets like babies!(it’s one of my biggest pet-peeeves,too if you pardon the pun!!)