A sorrowful heart and a European soul.

I think I can best describe myself as a sorrowful heart and a European soul. I have always been drawn to Europe and feel at home there. I always carry a certain sadness in my heart as well, and have great compassion for others who suffer and am constantly praying for them. The rampant immorality, sin and disregard for God in the world troubles me greatly, and I am concerned for people’s salvation and pray for the souls of the dead. My mother, however, sees my high moral standards, staunch religious beliefs(and being unapologetic for it) as well as my strong opinions and conservative views as “self-righteous”, “critical” and “judgemental”, when really it comes from LOVE; I love and genuinely care about people and I WANT them to go to Heaven,and as Christians we ARE called to evangelize and admonish sinners, with the hopes of leading them to God and salvation! I DON’T want people to deny God and to go to Hell.This is why I let them know and what drives me to stand up for what’s right, as well as righteous anger that so many in the world disobey and have turned their backs on God, esp. when He loves us all so much! I have lost friends over my views and beliefs and it does turn some people off,and I’m always being hassled, but that’s their problem, not mine,and I am accountable and loyal  to GOD first!

In other news, right in the middle of watching a movie last night the power went off, in the entire street,and was out for 7 hours,and we never did find out why, or what happened. Just my “luck” though; I hardly watch anything, and the odd time I do THAT’S always the time the satellite, TV, or power goes off.Figures.It feels like everything is always working against me all the time and nothing ever seems to go my way!

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