Big Brother is still alive and well….

I am disgusted to hear of more Big Brother intrusion from governments: in one instance a 13 year old Dutch girl wants to break a world record and sail alone around the world…and child protection agencies have stripped her parents of custody and taken away their parental rights(because they support her),and are over-seeing her and forcing her to have psychological evaluations. In another case, the American state of Massachussets(I hope I spelt that right!) is possibly going as far to force it’s citizens to have the Swine Flu vaccine and even going as far as going to fine them 1000$ a DAY as well as JAIL time, if they refuse! WHAAAT? So much for freedom! So much for making your own decisions! Big Gov’t always has to intrude upon people’s privacy, families, homes, rights,and freedoms,and if we do anything that’s not considered to be “mainsteam” we are under attack from the know-it-all “Nanny-state”, and if we refuse what the gov’t tries to force upon us, we will be severely punished. Child protection agencies already have way too much power and are above the law, but unless children really are being abused or molested, nothing else is any of their business and they should just leave parents alone to raise their families as they see fit, and one has to wonder as well WHY gov’t’s are pushing the vaccine; what, are they implanting micro-chips or something, to track people, or even sterilizing them, for population control, or what? It sounds crazy, conspiricist,and paranoid, but nothing surprises me anymore,and the gov’t’s have become more and more intrusive and trampling on people’s rights and freedoms, so I guess ANYTHING is possible, and I personally wouldn’t put it past them! The signs of the Last Days as recorded in the Bible Book of Revelation come to mind as well: they will be marked with the sign of the beast…

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