Universally a “No-brainer!”

I just don’t “get” it why Americans are so up in arms and seemingly against universal health care like we have here. As it is now under their system, only if you have money(or good private coverage) can you afford medical care(see doctors, have surgery, go to the ER, etc..) and if you don’t you are simply out of luck; you have to hope for the best you recover on your own, or die because you can’t afford treatment! How bizarre and wrong is THAT? It sounds like a Third World nation! Who WOULDN’T want a system where ALL it’s citizens are covered and have access to available and free medical care? Sure, you have to WAIT longer, but at least you DO get treated, whereas as it is now over there, you CAN get in to see a specialist or have surgery scheduled quickly….but only as long as you can AFFORD it; the poor never get in at ALL! Wouldn’t you rather have to wait a bit but know if you have a need  you’ll get looked after than to never get treated at all because you haven’t got the financial means? People decry it’s “Communism”, but it isn’t;it just means ALL people are entitled to care and won’t be turned away or simply left to die because they can’t afford to pay; it comes out of taxes. I saw the movie “Sicko” and it was a REAL eye-opener,and so tragic those people died because they couldn’t afford to pay outrageous fees(like 100 00$ or more for surgery!). I’m glad it never happened to us like that; when our son had cancer all the treatments and hospital stays and surgery was covered; we didn’t have to worry about selling our home,taking out loans we could never pay back, or going bankrupt  to pay for it(or having him died because we didn’t have the money; to me that’s unthinkable!) and as for the meds he took at home, the Cancer Society covered the percentage our extra insurance didn’t pay. There’s NO way we’d EVER have been able to pay for that! I am grateful we have health care available, accessible and free for everyone; if you have a genuine need, you will get treated for it. To me universal health care is “no-brainer”; why would you NOT want medical care available for everyone, but prefer to have it controlled and accessible, to only a select amount? Medical care is a basic human right and it shouldn’t be a business for profit, esp. to the exclusion of those who need it the most.If we lived in USA our son would have died because we just don’t have the money it takes to get him treated and that’s just plain wrong.How CAN people be so against health care for everyone?I don’t get it…

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