“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival originated at www.mycharmingkids.net

I didn’t…not bath the kids, figuring they would be clean from swimming in the pool….

I didn’t…decide to have the pool guys come early to close the pool up for the season( this week) to save $$$$ and expense of keeping it open, with the cost of the chemicals and the electricity to run the pump…

I didn’t…feel hurt that most former classmates and friends I found on Facebook  didn’t even remember me, at least not at first, like I’m not worth remembering…

I didn’t…get seriously depressed now it’s the end of summer and school’s back next week….

I didn’t….feel disgusted and filled with righteous anger reading “Christian” blogs that mentioned they like Harry Potter(occult the Bible warns us to avoid) and have SEX-toys; NOT appropriate for Christians, and some things really should be kept PRIVATE, esp. your sex-life; they are not a good example of godly living and make ALL Christians look badly…

I didn’t…get mad when I thought a friend might cancel out on travelling together as she didn’t want to leave her DOGS, esp. when if I can leave my kids she can certainly leave her dogs,and people are more important than animals and should come first…

I didn’t…get mad at my hubby and think it frivoulous that he’s still spending 100$ to get the piano tuned when $$$$ is tight and we have a 800$ bill for van repairs; thinking the $$$ could be better used elsewhere and that this is the sort of thing that you let go when $$$ is tight….


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