Double-dipping…or triple, in my case!

I  have not only double-dipped….but triple, getting baptized, that is! I was baptized as a baby into the Catholic Church, but as I got older I left for awhile(although always had a strong faith and love of God) basically due to the fact as a child my religious upbringing was sadly ignored and I missed out on timely Sacraments(that I later “made up” for myself as an adult; always doing things “backwards!”)So I searched ,and ended up joining AND being baptized in 2 other faiths: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Latter-Day Saints(Mormons). There were many things I liked about them, such as JW not believing in war or pagan things(such as Halloween), strong values and morals, no smoking and strong families…but the deeper I got into it, I didn’t like the fact that they don’t celebrate Christmas, discourage having kids and homeschooling and higher education, frown on individualism, don’t believe we have a soul that goes to Heaven at death(I find blasphemous!) and DO allow drinking! As for LDS I liked their strong family values and high moral standards, encouraging having many kids,and no drinking or smoking, but never could bring myself to believe the whole Joseph Smith thing(I tried to overlook at first as it was in the past) and the Temple was just weird,and they had many bizarre teachings, such as God was once a man, and we can become “gods”(blasphemy!)and did allow Halloween,and their past history of racism and polygamy bothered me, and I wasn’t into the whole geneology or pioneer thing(although there’s nothing wrong with it; it just wasn’t my “thing”)and they had a whole lot of things they DON’T tell you until you get further into it, which if I HAD known before I never would have joined! Then, after touring the great cathedrals of Europe I MISSED my Catholic past,and longed for Mass again, so we went back,and even though the Church does have it’s faults(pedophile priest scandals, Liberal leanings, Pope getting into the cult of enviromentalism,allowing smoking and drinking) nothing IS “perfect”; it has it’s good points too such as encouraging kids and homeschooling, no contraception or divorce, strong familes,morals, and standards,and the issues I have are with the PEOPLE and NOT the actual DOCTRINE,and I believe it IS the only church founded by Jesus and NOT by man, but I don’t regret my “hunting” and spiritual journey,as I met alot of kind,wonderful and good people,and my experience has made me a BETTER Catholic; I had to leave to find out what I was missing and to discover that what I was looking for was there all along!! 🙂

“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t…secretly want to scream back,”Mind your OWN business!” at the neighbours when they’d yelled over the fence to the kids being noisy in the pool….

I didn’t…hurry the 2 year old off to bed early because *I* was tired…

I didn’t…Feel hurt to find out a friend was in town but never dropped by to see us….

I don’t….feel eager for  our “snotty” 18 year old moving out soon to university(in 2 weeks) eager to FINALLY  have an end to all the stress, strife, conflict,disharmony,and discord she causes our home and family…

I didn’t tell the 19 year old,”I TOLD you so!” away at university, complaining things cost so much money,he doesn’t have enough $$$ to get by,etc… when HE was the one who wanted to move out on his own despite our objections and telling him how much it costs, etc…but he GOT what he wanted…as well as a valuable life lesson….

I didn’t….drop a chicken wing for dinner on the floor and not say anything and just toss it back….

I don’t…dread returning back to homeschooling in 2 weeks(even though I KNOW it’s best for the kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)….

I didn’t…feel “slighted” a friend passed up meeting me at the “Ex” as she decided to spend that day(her day off) taking her dumb DOGS to the vet instead, putting animals before people….


“The grass is on the sun!”

A few years ago I yelled upstairs to the kids, “Degrassi’s on soon!” and one of the younger ones told them, “The grass is on the sun!” not heaing it quite right. It was quite funny, but “Degrassi Jr. high”, “Degrassi High” and “Degrassi the Next Generation” have been my favourite TV shows for years and I have been a faithful viewer ever since it began back in the late 80’s, saw the “School’s Out!” concluding movie in 1992(where Caitlin said the “F-Word” on TV!!) and continuing on with the follow-up series introducting new characters. Next Sunday is another “Degrassi” movie, “Degrassi goes Hollywood” which I admit sounds kind of lame; people chasing the Hollywood dream, but I will watch to see what happens to the characters,and the 9th season starts in the fall as well. Oddly, for a Canadian show, it’s good; usually Canadian shows and movies suck and they just have this “Canadian vibe” where you can just TELL and it’s so awful and low quality, but Degrassi is actually good, and follows the trials ,angst,and tribulations of teen life and school society, genuine, sensitive stories and topics, and serious issues are addressed and my kids watch it with me,too! So WE are, in fact, also the “Next Generation” of “Degrassi” fans!

Mourning the end of summer!

I can’t believe summer is almost over already! In 3 more weeks we are back to homeschooling once again,which I dread, even though it is my vocation and best for the kids(and I wouldn’t have it any other way and the evils and inadequacies of public school is not an option!) it IS very hard work, stressful and can be a struggle at times, and besides, I LOVE my summer vacation; my time off, where I can lay out in the sun,tan,and just relax and de-stress. I mourn the end of summer! We have had lots of rain this summer as well, bad storms and several tornado warnings and watches. We did alot of swimming, the kids went to various camps, and we’re going to the Ex next week,too, which is always bittersweet as it is a fun yearly tradition yet also signals the end of summer.:(

Twist and shout!!

Last night we had a tornado warning which was quickly upgraded just a minue later to a watch…we ended up with a fierce storm with torrential rain and howling wind, thunder and lightening, but that was it. We were lucky. Several places nearby got tornadoes,which flattened buildings, tossed cars into mid-air, tore off roofs, uprooted trees, and caused lots of damage.They also killed one person at a campground. Now 54 000 people are still without electricity and in this area it’s 18 000. Years ago I was near a tornado(in the next town 30 min. away) and even that was too close, but I remember the sudden pitch-black dark sky, the hail, side-ways rain, torrential rain and the trees bending down to the ground, and of course, no one can miss the “roaring freight train” sound or the sight of the actual funnel cloud itself. We had have LOTS of bad storms and tornado watches and warnings this summer but this one actually came to pass!

More stress: our 19 year old said he’s really sick: severe headache, stiff neck,and aches, I fear is meningitis, but my hubby thinks is merely university stress. He said he was going to see a doc, but I’m worried as he’s so far away and I haven’t heard from him yet, so is he laying in an ICU bed somewhere,or simply “forgot” to call? Please pray it’s nothing and he’s ok…

Friday Fill-ins.

1. When will   my “break” in life finally come?_____?

2. “The Secret”  _____ was the last good book I read or movie I saw or tv show I watched.

3. Everything has its beauty but   not in my case; just fug!_____.

4.  Couscous _____ is what I had for dinner.

5. I’d like your    good luck and happiness in life._____.

6.  Anywhere else but here  _____ is where I want to be right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to    evading the tornado _____, tomorrow my plans include     watching a movie  _____ and Sunday, I want to     go to Mass  _____!