“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our daily lives:

Our son’s oncologist app’t went well last week; his blood-counts were down a slight bit from last time yet still within normal range and now he goes every 6 months(instead of every 2 mos.) until reached the 5-year mark! Our oldest also saw the eye specialist and he has a scratched cornea and got eye drops,and just today the 10 year old fell off her bike and hurt her wrist, but I hope it’s not broken(like her brother broke HIS arm on the trampoline a few years ago!) esp. as we’re going on our Caribbean trip soon; leaving for the overnight airport¬† hotel on the 10th and getting an early morning flight on the 11th and the trip is mainly in WATER; at the beach, swimming, sailing,snorkelling…my hubby won’t be coming this time though; he’ll be staying at home! One of the kids also had his e-mail account hacked and sent me a virus thru an e-mail that had his name on it(but it wasn’t really; he had no idea!),and the 2 year old peed on the floor as well,and Wilson turned “vicious” for the past 2 days and keeps growling at everyone and I now wonder is pent-up sexual “frustration” now he’s almost an “adult?” I have heard it can cause male dogs to “turn” aggressive? Who knows? ūüė¶

Wilson the wild!

I just don’t know what’s gotten into Wilson! All day he has had a MAJOR attitude problem; growling at everyone, and for no reason! He growled at us and was aggressive and nasty and we have no idea why! Is he just having a bad day, or what? What would cause a normally gentle dog to just “turn” like that? The sad thing is, if it keeps up and becomes a habit(as opposed to just the one day) we seriously have to consider getting rid of him(even though I don’t want to!) as we just can’t have him growling at us(which is usually followed by biting) esp. with the kids; we won’t have any other choice unless he smartens up; we won’t put up with that! I hope it’s nothing serious though, like that he caught rabies(from a raccoon, skunk,etc..) or something! I know with rabies they turn fierce! It’s puzzling to say the least, and concerning as well, and I sure hope it’s nothing but it worries me..why would he suddenly change like that and his entire personality just turn on us like that? What could it possibly BE?

“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival started by www.mckmama.com

I didn’t…..have an inappropriate dream last night….

I didn’t…feel envy seeing a newborn in Church….

I didn’t…roll my eyes in exasperation at someone I think is getting too “showy” and proud…

I didn’t…leave the dog crap in the lawn because I was just too lazy to bother to pick it up….

I didn’t…not answer the door when I knew who it was and wasn’t interested…

I didn’t…yell at my hubby and kids when they drive me nuts…

I didn’t…secretly “gloat” with satisfaction,glad that we never get the flu vaccine, once we¬† heard now doing so doubles your chance of getting swine flu,thinking,”Ha! We were RIGHT!”..

I didn’t…sneak an extra couple of pieces of samosa to eat…

NOT ME!!..

Getting ready for our trip!

We leave for our trip exactly 2 weeks today! We’re getting really excited now!! We got our airline and cruise tickets and have started packing our suitcases except for the last-minute items. My poor hubby is staying behind at home while we’re gone with the kids that won’t be coming this time, and we’ll be gone for a week.We’re going to the Caribbean,; Bahamas, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, St. Maarten,and Turks and Caicos. We will be spending lots of time in the ocean and at the beach,naturally, snorkelling, swimming, exploring a “pirate” ship, even sailing on a Catamaran,and wandering around the towns. The flight goes to Miami then we’re taking a bus from the airport¬† to Fort Lauderdale where we will be boarding the ship. It’s not too long to wait now and it’s close and we can’t wait!! ūüôā

The tugboats of life.

It always sort of amazes me when I am on a cruise ship to see the tiny little tugboats that direct,steer,and guide the massive ships into the harbour; that such a gigantic ship needs,and relies on, the help of something much smaller; that the mighty ship can’t do it on it’s own, despite it’s size; it needs the help of one much smaller. I find this amusing, and so true to life as well:the mighty and the powerful often need the assistance of others, others that may seem to be “small” or “inferior” in some way, but are, in fact, essential and very important.Just because you are “small” doesn’t mean you don’t matter; that others don’t need you; that you haven’t got an important role to play. In life, sometimes we are the grand ships that need the guidance of the tiny tugboat,and other times we are the small tugboat that is required to help steer and guide others even “bigger” than us,and to God each individual has value, worth,importance, and purpose, big or small!

The Police-state has only just begun!!

I have read more disturbing things about forced vaccinations in the American state of¬† Massachusetts: not only are they fining people 1000$ a day and jailing them if they refuse the swine flu vaccine, now they are trying to enact a law that bypasses the constitution and declare a “state of emergency” which gives police the right(without¬† a warrant, mind you!) to enter citizen’s home and force them to be vaccinated,and remove their children and vaccinate them as well, despite their objections,and to round up and quarantine in detainment camps those who refuse! Hitler’s Nazi politics and dictatorship powers are alive and well, even some 60 years later!! This is scary and wrong¬† on so many levels! Freedoms are being steamrolled over and discarded.

As well, another horrifying thing: I read an article where one of US Prez Obama’s “top people” is trying to allow forced abortions and sterilizations as well, limiting the number of kids people have,, in the name of “emergency” and said global warming is an example of that! What is this, communist China? Population control and genetics go against God’s natural laws and is a sin against Him and against humanity. School children are also being coached to sing praises of their president in a communist style cult-of-personality dictator worship, and here in Canada they’re trying to make euthanasia(killing of the ill, infirm, old, or disabled) legal as well. There is NO respect or value for life, family, faith, or freedom anymore,and ever-increasingly powerful “strongman” gov’t tactics are oppressing, coercing and silencing us more and more.This is truly chilling!

Friday Fill-ins.

And…here we go!

1. My car   has a personal relationship with the auto-body shop!_____.

2. The latest emotional breakdown  ___________ is coming up next.

3. Lately, things seem¬†¬† hopelessly bleak…___________.

4. _Soaking in a nice hot bath¬† __________ is one of my favorite ‘hiding’ places.

5. What happened     in the past affects our future___________.

6. _With God, anything  __________ is not impossible!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to cutting my hair ¬† _____, tomorrow my plans include¬† watching a movie¬† _____ and Sunday, I want to ¬†¬† donate to the foodbank at Church._____!