The changing face of Europe.

Europe is not the same Europe I grew up with,knew,  loved, adored, always felt drawn to,and at home in. I still prefer it to here,but it has changed dramatically politically a lot since then and is no longer the same Europe I knew and love. When I was in Russia it was still the USSR and a communist country  and now it has democracy…but also rampant with crime,violence,and the underworld. The European Union is fast becoming a one-world government; practically a socialist state; very Liberal and left-leaning, with declining morals and birthrates; hostile to family and faith, immoral,legalizing sin, anti-life,anti- Christian, and I find the Netherlands is the worst(being TOO permissive; they even legalize prostitution,drugs,and euthanasia!!) and Germany, banning homeschooling and even going as far as removing kids from their parents and jailing the parents! It’s true what they say; you can never go “back”,and I have been to Europe(to many countries) several times and although I still DO love it, will always have a connection and a fondness to it(and it will always hold a special place in my heart) and have a European soul, it isn’t the same as it once was.There is a moral decay now, a crumbling of society and family, a persecution of church,family, and faith and morals. Of course, it’s just as bad here in North America as well(and in some ways even worse!) but it saddens me to know it’s changed and not how I once remembered it,and it’s like when I returned to a former grade school ; it had changed; it isn’t the same anymore and will never be like it once was.Memories will always be there, but even if you go back it’s not the same.Well, at least they still have the rich history,the art, the culture, the “oldness”, the architecture,etc.. 🙂

The boys of summer have gone….

The boys(and girls!) of summer have gone: we officially closed our pool for the season; the pool guys game and drained it part-way,removed the ladders, put in the winterizing chemicals and covered it up.Summer is over. We also go back to homeschooling next week. It’s sad seeing the pool like that, knowing summer is over now.In other family news, the van repairs ended up costing 800$, and I got stung by a wasp and now the 2 year old has Pink-Eye. He also drew on the dog and took off his diaper and went around proudly showing everyone his “willy!” The 11 year old and I caught a grasshopper as well, and we let Wilson run loose around the house…until he did a ca-ca on the Persian rug that is, so it looks like he still has to be confined outside or in the kitchen a bit longer, and the other day the electricity was off for 7 hours and we never did find out why! I also found out a former school friend is now a GRANDMOTHER,and we’re the same age so that makes ME feel really OLD!! Sigh….